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How To Protect Your Children and Teens From the Stress of Cyberbullying

By Sandi Schwartz  One of the biggest challenges parents currently face is how to manage our children’s access to technology. When they are young, we
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Tweets, Texts, and Emojis: Why Communicating in Brief Snippets is Hurting Our Kids

By Sandi Schwartz | Contributor How did we get to a point in which our method of communication has gotten progressively shorter and shorter over time?
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STEM Scholarship Opportunities for High School Students in Texas

Shop Texas Electricity announced their 2021 Scholarship Award Program applications are open for high school students seeking to pursue a higher education program. The scholarship
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Is Technology the New Drug for Our Kids’ Generation?

By Sandi Schwartz Although we are currently hearing a great deal about the opioid crisis in America, teen drug use is actually declining overall. A
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Interviewing Online in the Digital Age … During a Pandemic!

By Steve Longo | Contributor To say the least, 2020 was certainly “different,” and we are hopeful that 2021 can present a much-improved atmosphere for
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Help Children Recognize and Avoid Cyberbullying

By Alice Ann Holland, Ph.D., ABPP | Contributor The internet and digital technology have made our world more connected than ever before, and during the
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Help Children Develop Healthy Screen Habits

By Alice Ann Holland, Ph.D., ABPP | Contributor Our world is becoming increasingly saturated with electronic screens, which has many parents wondering how best to
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Social Media Meets Social Distancing: 10 Expert Tips for Parents of Teens and Tweens

By Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development | Contributor With the ever-increasing social media use among teens and tweens resulting from