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NTPA Repertory presents The Drowsy Chaperone May 7 – 16

Live theatre is back. After a 15-month hiatus, NTPA Repertory Theatre returns to the stage this weekend with their first production since the pandemic shut
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Peer Pressure in the Age of Social Media and What Parents Can Do to Help Their Teens

By Madeline Hammett How “fitting in” can lead to poor decision making for teenagers For generations teenagers have felt the need to conform to their
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Why You Should Give Your Kids an Allowance

By Tanni Haas, Ph.D. | Contributor Experts agree that an allowance can teach kids important money management skills, like how to save for things they
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The 2nd Annual St. Andrew Open Golf Tournament: Supporting Scholarships for High School Seniors and Seminary Students

By Elizabeth Lenart | Contributor St. Andrew United Methodist Church invites the community to support promising high school seniors with dreams of higher education as
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The Science of Giving and How It Can Help Your Kids

By Sandi Schwartz | Contributor Want to really make your kids happy? Teach them the importance of giving to others. Contrary to common belief that
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Millennials and Gen Z are More Anxious than Previous Generations: Here’s Why

By Geoff Mcmaster | University of Alberta (originally published, 2020) The Harvard Business Review recently published findings of a study on mental health in the workplace that paints a