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Skratch to Match

Does Your Teen Want a Job? New app helps teens get work in their neighborhood. by Karyn Brodsky   “Skratch is an opportunity to work and get paid for doing stuff I love to do.” – Aidan Jacoby, pictured above far left,

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Take Me to Your Learner

Explore Horizons Centers Teach Long-Term Success by Karyn Brodsky Inspired and engaged. More confident than ever. Able to solve problems in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a fearless learner! A

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Sleep Deprivation and Over-Scheduled Teens

by Dr. Melanie Ross Mills | Contributor If you’re the parent of a teen, then you know that teens today are faced with busy schedules and heavy demands. Depending on the individual teen, they may handle their load with ease,

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12 Tips to Better Sleep for Your Teen

Want to make a difference in your teen’s life? Take control of your teen’s sleep habits.   1. Encourage your teen to place their cell phone in a docking station at the end of the day (instead of keeping it

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Stressed for Success!

  Are We Pushing Our Kids Too Hard? by Lisa Barr | GIRLilla Warfare “I’m so stressed out!” the Middle School and older teen Back-To-School battle cry is already at full volume — and school has begun, what, five minutes

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School’s Out! Now What?

Your kids need to strike a balance between chilling out and staying engaged this summer. But what can you do to help them find this balance—and keep yourself sane in the process? by Lisa A. Beach With the academic clock

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It’s a Race to Nowhere

The Pressures on Our Kids on the Road to Success by Alicia Wanek Recently, I had the opportunity to see a screening of the 2010 documentary, Race to Nowhere, at Plano’s Shepton High School, and it has dramatically altered the

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What Are Your Kids Doing This Summer?

What your kids do in the summer can impact their future in tremendous ways.  So how do you choose from among the thousands of overnight programs, camps and trips out there? Ask Helene Abrams. by Karyn Brodsky In 1953, Hodding Carter,

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Summer Programs and Camps Preview

Summer 2016 will be here before you know it. What will your kids be doing during that long stretch between June and August? Will they be expanding their minds, learning a new skill or improving on an existing one, making

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