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Should Tweens Use Social Media?

...the difficulties of mental health and the importance of a healthy mindset. This emphasis on mental health can vastly benefit a child who is struggling
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50 Pet-Safe Plants + Their Health Benefits For Owners

...mental health than attending a gym.  Rejuvenated sense of purpose  When someone or something depends on you to give them TLC, that provides us with a
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Declutter Your Life To Reduce Stress

...healthier life. According to Joyce Marter, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Founder of Urban Balance, “Our environment is a direct reflection of our internal mental
Articles Tweens Teens & Twenties

Stop Doing Everything for Your Kids and Set Them on the Path to Independence

...detrimental behavior start right now, even if your kids are in Kindergarten. Are you one of these types of parents? Over protective. You view the
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Need an Attitude Adjustment? Here’s How to Become an Optimist

goodlifefamilyadmin Grant Halliburton Foundation, Here For Texas, Teen Talk Youth Health Education, Jed Foundation, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, National
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Isolation and Its Impact on Our Kids

...conducted a survey on mental health and found that one in four respondents ages 18 to 24 had “seriously considered” suicide in the previous 30