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New York DELIcious

Deli News is The Authentic NY Style Deli that Reminds Me of Home

To be truthful, I wasn’t expecting to love a self proclaimed New York deli situated in North Dallas.  I spent a lot of my formative food years in Philadelphia and NYC and learned soon after moving to Dallas that I’d rather bypass eating some of my favorite deli foods than eat disappointing imitations.  But I am happy to report that I was wrong. Deli News is the real deal, and I do not say that lightly.

The moment I entered Deli News, I felt at home. The interior is exactly what a deli should be –bustling and bursting with energy. The place was filled with families and couples, both young and old, and you get the sense that these are regulars that are well known to the staff.

The authenticity of Deli News is earned. As soon as you are seated, a house made plate of pickles is placed in front of you. They have their own bakery and produce their New York style breads and bagels daily.  The smoked fish is flown in from New York and sliced in their kitchen.

I visited Deli News with my 17-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter.  They, after all, fit into the Good Life Family age group and have also inherited my general love of all good food. We took a look at the extensive menu, and with the help of Zoric Adamovsky, the big burly man that runs the show, we ordered up some classics.

Deli-News_ReubenMy son got the classic Reuben sandwich with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and onion rings on the side.  It was a huge hit in many ways.  The portion size is unbelievable; yet not too large for a growing teenage boy.  The meat on this sandwich was so tender and flavorful that I am not really sure I can do it justice.  My son, a young man of few words, said, “that deli was really good.”


My daughter ordered the 1/2 pound avocado cheeseburger. The meat is Angus beef and is never frozen, the avocado was fresh and perfectly ripe, and the burger was cooked to juicy perfection.Deli-News_burger

And I ordered all of the following:

• Chicken Hodgepodge – chicken broth with golden noodles, matzo ball and kreplach

• Potato Knish – pastry wrapped around potato and spice

• Potato Pancakes – shredded potatoes with sides of sour cream and applesauce

• “The Bob” – sliced Nova Scotia Salmon on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, onions, capers, lettuce and tomato slices


The broth in the chicken soup was so good, I am 100% positive that it’s truly “Jewish penicillin”.  The Hodgepodge allows you to try the noodles, matzo ball and kreplach all in one bowl.  I loved them all, but the matzo ball was outstanding: light and fluffy but dense enough to stay together and absorb some of the delicious broth.  Potato pancakes have always been a favorite of mine, and these lived up to my expectations.  I had forgotten all about the potato knish until I saw it on the menu. It was delicious and brought back good memories of my years in the northeast. As for “The Bob”, the house made bagel was delicious, the salmon was buttery perfection and the combination of all of the sides made me completely happy.

If you have never tried Deli News, then put it on your list!  It’s a great place to go with your older children; the kind of place you can enjoy with them and make into a family tradition. If you ever want to find me on a Sunday, I will be at the table by the window…that is, if the regulars will share.

Deli News | New York Style Restaurant
17062 Preston Road (at Campbell Rd.)
Dallas, TX 75248


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