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Outdoor Living: Create the Backyard of Your Dreams

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By Alicia Wanek

In Texas we can enjoy our outdoor living spaces 12 months out of the year, and now is the perfect time to create the backyard oasis of your dreams. Think of the long-term and how your family can enjoy your outdoor space for many years—whether that’s with a pool, outdoor kitchen and living area, a sports court, or whatever it is that will bring your family the fun factor for years to come.

Looking for a place to enjoy the great outdoors? Look no further than your own back yard!

Trinity Fireside

Trinity Fireside is known for setting the ambience of your outdoor space with their amazing fireplaces made to fit your unique style.  Fredy Mize, president of Trinity Fireside in Grand Prairie, TX says that fireplaces have “really evolved,” with more styles, shapes, media, amount of heat they generate and types available than people realize. He says that the latest trend is what the industry calls “linear” fireplaces. “Linear is a streamlined modern look that still has a romantic feel,” explains Mize. “They’re long with clean lines and can be see-through.” Linear fireplaces can be installed indoors and outdoors, don’t require a mantel and use gas for efficiency. Crushed clear glass uses the space where logs would typically be and LED lights can create a colorful aura.

Outdoor linear fireplaces, says Mize, can be built along a wall, in a corner or can be a part of a peninsula. They’re usually finished with stone or a similar material, and they vent out of the front, so there’s no need for a flue or chimney.

Fall is a perfect time for outdoor cooking and Trinity Fireside has an amazing selection of outdoor grills that make every meal memorable. You may consider the ever-popular Kamado Joe ceramic cookers, designed to make every grilling experience as fun as possible for the novice or the experienced grill master.

And, if you think you waited too long to create a custom cooking area outdoors, think again. Trinity Fireside is showcasing their custom outdoor grill islands called 240Fire. The islands come with a beautiful grill and accessories from Delta Heat, along with your choice of granite top and stone facing from their exquisite collection, installed and ready to fire up in just 240 minutes (4 hours).

“We all love the outdoors and creating the perfect place to gather connections with family and friends, a place to entertain while creating lifelong memories,” says the team at Trinity Fireside. 

Trinity Fireside | 972.215.7675 | www.trinityfireside.com


In this day and age, if you have it inside your home, chances are you can have it outdoors as well.  Thanks to contemporary technology, Starpower and Ed Kellum and Sons can create an outdoor sanctuary that has everything you need to entertain or just hang out in your “bonus” living space.  With the ever-present threat of extreme heat and sudden rain, an outdoor television, which houses all the electrical components safely, is the best way to go.   For the true movie buffs, Starpower can hook you up with a 180” video wall!  While you’re kicking back enjoying the movie, you don’t have to compromise on sound quality either.  Outdoor speakers developed to withstand any weather conditions and that are resistant to corrosion make you feel part of the action.  Starpower even has speakers that look like rocks to complement your landscaping. Even cooler, you can control many of these sound systems with your smartphone.

Although Ed Kellum and Sons has plenty of high-quality grills for the most experienced outdoor chefs, cooking outside doesn’t have to just include a grill.  You can now create an entire outdoor kitchen complete with refrigerators, pizza ovens, warmers, wine fridges, and more. 

Finally, when you’re considering what you need to make your backyard complete, don’t forget to consider a security system.  Starpower, licensed to sell security for over 20 years, offers cameras that let you monitor any movement around your home remotely or review the images stored on a hard drive months later. For nighttime surveillance, leading edge night-vision technology allows cameras to see in the dark.  These can also be accessed remotely from your device, so you know what’s going on at home even when you’re not there.

Starpower | 972.503.6005 | www.star-power.com

“Outdoor TVs are completely encased and weatherproof; if they get dirty, they can be hosed off, and the picture is great, even in direct sunlight.”   -David K. Pidgeon, CEO, Starpower

Patio Works

Today’s landscaping and landscape designs involve many types of textures and features. If you are looking for fresh ideas that fuse form and function, the landscape architects at Patio Works are ready to transform your yard. “The only limit to what your outdoor patio can become is your imagination,” says Patio Works owner, Mark Sorenson.

When it comes to designing the perfect outdoor patio, materials are an important part of the process. You are going to want to take a close look at the choices available to ensure you are matching the look and feel of your home. You will also want to consider any hardscaping already in place in your yard. The color, shape, and size of any stone you put in will have an impact on the overall feel. The landscape architects at Patio Works can show you the options available and help you turn your ideas into reality.

You’ll spend so much time in the backyard over the next few months, you want it to feel cozy and inviting. Your own private paradise awaits.

Patio Works, Inc. | 214.956.7801 | www.patioworksinc.com

(Free consultation/estimate)

Texas Mosquito Control

Nothing puts a damper on an outdoor barbeque or day in the pool like a bunch of mosquitoes.  The annoying creatures not only make you itch for days, but they can carry life-threatening diseases.  You don’t have to put up with these irksome insects according to Mark Kellner of Texas Mosquito Control.  He suggests you consider a mosquito misting system. “It is the most complete protection for the outside areas around your home; it sprays automatically at certain times of day to kill mosquitoes that are present and repel or keep them from coming into the area,” said Kellner. 

The system sprays a fine mist on and under the foliage around your yard from a number of nozzles set around your property, fed from containers that automatically operate at timed intervals when mosquitoes tend to be active—early morning, dusk, and evening—creating a perimeter that is deadly to these insects and other flying pests. Mark will come out to help determine how to ideally place the system in your yard and maintain it during the active summer months to keep it filled for continued protection. When you’re not worrying about the pesky pests, you and your guests can focus instead on enjoying outdoor fun with friends and family.

Texas Mosquito Control | 972.248.3373 | www.texasmosquitocontrol.com

(Free consultation)

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