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Pool Movie Nights at Home

There’s something special about family night at the movies.  Here’s a cool idea to bring the big screen production home.

by Tricia White | Managing Editor

Staging the pool movie is easier than it sounds.  

1. The A/V: To show a movie in your backyard you’ll need a projector, a movie screen and speakers. You can hang a large, white sheet as your movie screen and rent or purchase a projector. Better yet, stop by Starpower and get a home theater system of your own.  Generally, they can deliver in 24 hours.  (And, their award-winning installers are not just the “Best In America,” they are also the nicest folks around.)

2. The seating:  Toss water chairs, inner tubes and/or floats into the pool and give guests a dry option as well.

TIP: Provide stacks of towels, pillows and blankets for post-dip comfort. Depending on the air temperature, your guests may spend the entire screening in the pool or just the beginning of the movie. 

3. Keep your guest list in mind when you select the movie.  If your party is filled with sci-fi fans, a vintage alien invasion movie or Star Trek flick may be perfect. For a group of teenage girls, a fun musical (old or new) could be the way to go. Also, there is something irresistible about floating in the water while watching a campy movie filled with man-eating sharks or piranhas.

4. Create a concession area in your kitchen or on the patio.  Make or buy a giant bag of popcorn and scoop into individual popcorn boxes (available at Party City and other party supply stores). Buy an assortment of oversized boxes of Milk Duds, Hot Tamales, etc. and add some other movie-theater favorites like pizza, hot dogs and hot pretzels.

5. Invite other families to join the fun!

For information and Starpower locations, go to www.star-power.com or call 972.503.6000.

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