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The Most Boring Home Video Ever 

No action on a home surveillance camera means all’s well while you’re away
by Karen Brodsky | Staff Writer

Now trending in your neighborhood: the installation of indoor and outdoor security cameras to keep your family safe and deter crime.

With more dual income families, the need for a means to monitor children is paramount. Security cameras allow parents to check on their child’s wellbeing, and cameras can offer kids a sense of security knowing that they are not completely “alone”. Many parents install nanny cams to monitor their child’s caregiver, and cameras are also a great way to make sure minors are not getting into trouble when unsupervised (for example, a camera strategically placed near the liquor cabinet).

It may seem a bit “big brother-esque”, but using cameras to keep watch on your home and family is gaining in popularity. It is a convenient and proven way to provide peace of mind, and recent research demonstrates that security equipment significantly decreases levels of criminal activity. People become extremely careful when they are aware that their actions are being recorded. (doityourself.com/stry/do-camera-security-systems-deter-crime)

Officer Christopher Bianez, Crime Prevention Officer of the Plano Police Department agrees. “As the quality of security cameras has increased and the cost has decreased, many individuals are installing these as part of their security measures.” Bianez says cameras can be a crime deterrent, as their mere presence can send a criminal in search of an easier target. “The risk of being identified and captured rises significantly if the offense is captured on video surveillance.” Bianez also notes that video footage provides solid evidence for police use as well as insurance claim support.

According to David Pidgeon, CEO of Starpower, a high-end retailer and custom installer of audio, video, security and electronic automation with four locations nationwide, security cameras deliver peace of mind. “Cameras have come so far in picture quality you can literally get crystal clarity and small details from afar,” explains Pidgeon. “They can be as small as a lipstick, so they’re easy to conceal.” Footage can be recorded on a DVR, and it records from all cameras in the system so a person can zoom  in on and see footage on any of the surveillance cameras. In the past, only one could be viewed.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras also allow users to survey their property when they are away. “It’s the comfort of knowing you can watch areas in and outside your home, even if you’re out of town,” notes Pidgeon. Starpower, licensed to sell security for almost 20 years, offers cameras that let you monitor any movement around your home remotely or review the images stored on a hard drive months later. For nighttime surveillance, leading edge night-vision technology allows cameras to see in the dark.

Surveillance video can be accessed remotely from your cellphone or iPad. “That’s where the technology has brought us,” says Pidgeon. “It not only lets you watch, but by integrating with a total home automation system, you can interact.” For example, the camera captures if someone leaves the lights on at home, and automation allows the homeowner to turn them off.

While personal and family safety is priceless, investing in a security camera system is fairly affordable. Starpower’s packages start at just $999.00 for a full system of four cameras, and Pidgeon adds that most homeowners’ insurance policies include a discount for home security. If a customer needs more cameras, Starpower will design a custom system.

Starpower offers installation as well as a monitoring service that will alert homeowners of security breaches. Their “Star Treatment” program ensures a superior experience, including creating packages that make you feel most comfortable and safe, security monitoring services, and customer service after the sale. Says Pidgeon, “Your family and your home are the most important things to you, and you want to protect them. You want to use someone who you can depend on, gives you quality equipment and helps you feel safe.”


For more information or a complimentary in-home consultation, contact customerservice@star-power.com.

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