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No Lake?  No Problem.  

The WaterRower delivers comprehensive cardio, muscle & calorie burning in the comfort of your home
Compiled by Tricia White | Managing Editor


Did you know that rowing is one of the best exercises for developing aerobic fitness? Not only does working out with rowing machines allow people to develop their cardiovascular system, but they also place considerable demands on your muscular system as well!

Unlike cardio machines such as treadmills, exercise bikes and stair climbing equipment, a rowing machine exercises your upper body as well as your lower body and recruits all major muscle groups. The rowing stroke when using an indoor rower is composed of 65-75% leg work and 25-35% upper body work.

Other benefits of indoor rowing are getting a full body aerobic workout with one machine, and the lack of impact that is experienced when compared to other aerobic activities. When you’re jogging outdoors or using a treadmill, there is orthopedic trauma placed on your body every time you take a step. This is not the case with indoor rowers. Rowing moves the joints through a full range of motion and does so with minimal impact and no body weight on the joints, making it one of the best exercises for joint pain sufferers.

Craig Lewin, Vice President of Busy Body Fitness and Fitness HQ, says, “The reason the WaterRower is such an amazing product is because it gives you an unbelievable cardio workout while working every muscle in your entire body!  It also simulates the feeling and sound just like you are on the water.  There is no friction so the rower lasts a long time, and if Kevin Spacey can use it to de-stress as POTUS on ‘House of Cards’ then anyone should be able to use it!”

The WaterRower combines an extraordinary blend of form, function, design and durability.  Its unique WaterFlywheel design is renowned for its exact replication of on-water rowing. It uses a specially formed paddle to cup the moving water, reduce slippage and produce an unrivalled simulation of the benefits of rowing.  Therefore, there is no jerkiness or jarring which is often associated with conventional mechanical rowing machines.

“The WaterRower blends the tranquility of moving water, the warmth of wood, and the rhythm of motion,” says Lewin.  “It’s just a great workout.”


Editor’s Note:  Content included in this article is from WaterRower Inc. and AFPA – American Fitness Professionals & Associates.  The WaterRower is available locally at Busy Body Fitness and Fitness HQ.  See an in-store fitness professional for more details.


Find your closest location at Fitnessheadquarters.com or busybodyTX.com.

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