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Make a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy Nationwide


Make a Zero Tolerance Bullying Policy Nationwide with Consequences of Suspension for the Bully(s) & Severe Consequences.

As a Parent of a child that was Bullied relentlessly, it has become a Passion of mine to be a Voice for those that Don’t have one. My child was the Victim of Bullying and tried taking his life. Thankfully, he is still with me today, but there are many other parent’s out there that aren’t as lucky. There NEEDS to be SEVERE Consequences for Bullies. Automatic Suspension and in order for the Bully to return to school, he/or she and their parent or guardian MUST attend and complete an ANTI-Bullying Class. They have to be Made Accountable for their Actions. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! As parent’s we want to know that when we leave our children in the care of others for 8+ hours that they will be safe and protected. Please help us help our children. It is time to take a stand!


Visit https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/make-zero-tolerance-bullying-policy-nationwide-consequences-suspension-bullys-severe-consequences-0 to sign the petition. 

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