Keep Calm and Summer On

Keep Calm and Summer On

Yeah, I know, it’s hot. Steamy in fact. But I love the summer. 

When my kids were in elementary school, the end-of-year pool party, followed by a mom/kid getaway, clearly marked the transition from school year to summer vacation. Class schedules, homework and school dress code became sleeping in, game nights and swim suits. Toss in a lazy river and a good night’s sleep (sans alarm clock), and I was golden.

By middle school, summer sports and evolving teen friendships made it harder to get out of dodge. But we still had team sports. We often complained out loud about Saturday night games but secretly loved the shared camaraderie (and popcorn). Now that our kids are in high school it has become even more challenging to chill out together. Summer schedules now include jobs, SAT/ACT studies, Drivers Ed, studies abroad, college applications and internships.

I’ve found that for my husband and me, our kids’ burgeoning independence (beginning the day they got their driver’s licenses), causes us to fill our time fuller too. Work, philanthropy, time with adult friends, date nights, and spending valuable time with our own parents. By Friday, we are wondering what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s just going too fast!

But alas, it is summer, and I am determined to make memories.

So while we are busy preparing our kids for their futures (quite a daunting task), I for one want to enjoy every second of the fleeting time I have with them while they are still at home.  I often joke that being a parent is like army boot camp – it’s not just a job, it’s an adventure. And what an adventure it is!

In this issue of GLF you’ll find loads of ideas, many of them free, to celebrate summer time as a family. 

GLF is committed to making life just a bit better by sharing information that is educational, informational and inspirational. We are here because you are here.  We are walking in shared shoes.  So let us hear from you. Send us photos, advice and story ideas.  Tell us about the ups and downs, highs and lows of your parenting adventures.

And, share your thoughts on finding good family fun. Happy Summer!


Live.Learn.Laugh.(apply sunscreen.)Repeat.

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