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BE THE HERO AND RESCUE YOURSELF: Creating the Inner Courage to Wear Your Own Cape

Have you ever wished a superhero would come down and rescue you in those chaotic moments of life? The easiest thing to do is wait for someone more qualified to come along and fix what has been broken for so long. But what if I told you that hero was you?
Kelly Fuhlman


By Sheryl Lilly Pidgeon

From dyslexia, drug addiction, and trauma, there were many times when author, Kelly Fuhlman didn’t think she would make it. Even in times of great success, she still felt lost.

Through her candid journey, Kelly shares how to stop waiting for the hero and to seize back your life by becoming your own hero. She reveals, “No matter what the condition of your life, or your heart, we will journey together to see proof that no matter how far you fall, you can get back up.”

Reading her 128-page book (many of them left open for readers to journal their own thoughts), does not take long, but the questions she asks the reader to ponder at the end of each chapter, or as she prefers, “lesson,” mandates careful consideration. From the get-go, you may find yourself moved by her transparency. About half way through, you might relate personally to some of her life experiences and subsequent revelations, and by the end, you may find yourself wanting to meet your gutsy new friend for a long lunch. Through her forthright prose, Fuhlman causes you to consider your own imperfect history, search your soul and find redemption in the lessons learned along the way that make you the strongest, best version of yourself.

Fuhlman, who overcame learning challenges caused by dyslexia, went on to earn an MBA and work for various universities and Disney Institute among other notable jobs. She says she knew as a young girl that she was meant to earn money by speaking, and indeed, Fuhlman has spoken up notably in her first book.

She says, “You can be courageous and Be the Hero and Rescue Yourself. It’s time to dust off your cape, and step into your purpose and healing as your own hero.”  Through her part memoir/part self-help prose, you might just find yourself donning that proverbial cape and standing just a bit taller.


Q: What is the one thing you want your readers to learn from reading your book?

A: You are enough! Even when life looks its most bleak you are enough to rescue yourself and step into your purpose and be the hero you have been looking for. 

Q: What is the most important piece of advice you would like to tell your 15-year-old self?

A: Don’t doubt your own abilities (i.e. superpowers) and don’t let others plant those seeds of doubt in you either.

Q: Since you speak of being your own hero (and wearing your own cape!), if you could have any superhero talent, what would it be and why?

A: I would like the ability to heal people. I guess I see so much hurt in my work with troubled youth that I wish I could hug them and free them of their hurt and anger.

Q: You have an intriguing line in your book which states, “Happiness isn’t based on perfection; it’s based on perception.” And you ask your reader to ponder what 3 things they’d do differently to change their self-perception. What are 3 things you did to change yours?


1. I realized that the approval of others is less important.

2. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Their journeys and timelines are different from yours.

3. Saying no does not mean you don’t care about your friends or family. Sometimes you need to say no to give yourself some time to rest and heal. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Q: How has your sense of self changed from your 20’s to your early 40’s?

A: I have come to terms with who I am now at 42, soon 43 years old. I can’t live my life wondering what people think about me anymore… I don’t have time. I live by the motto my mom told me when I was young—if you are beautiful on the outside, but ugly on the inside, then you are ugly.

Q: Your appeal to be your OWN hero is heartfelt, yet you often mention mentors, counselors, doctors, and others who have helped you in your journey.  Can you share your advice on when being your own hero necessitates seeking help?

A: All Heroes have help along the way, a mentor or sidekick who guides them through difficult times. I have had many Heroes in my life who have opened doors, guided me to the right path, helped me focus on my superpower instead of my weaknesses… but at the end of the day, I had to put the work in and be my very own Hero.

Creating the Inner Courage to Wear Your Own Cape

By Kelly Fuhlman
Publication date:  August 4, 2020
ISBN-13: 978-1950892389; Price: $13.99
Kindle Edition:  May 17, 2020
ISBN-10: 1950892387; Price: $7.99
Publisher: Clovercroft Publishing
Author Website: kellyfuhlman.com
Available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor,
 Amazon.com, or Clovercroft Publishing

“The truth is the only person who can save each of us is ourselves.”
Kelly Fuhlman


Author, speaker and strategic planning expert, Kelly Fuhlman has been helping Fortune 500 companies, working for universities and Disney Institute, sharing best practices in leadership, marketing and business development. Equipped with an MBA and Bachelor in Communication, she helps create strategy and relationship building within companies and teams. As a speaker, Kelly empowers youth and adults to recognize the heroes within and how to change their own stories.

Kelly with husband Jeremy Fuhlman (2019)
Kelly, a former bodybuilding competitor, shown here at a competition in 2019, says the pressure to win, burnout and “metabolic damage” caused her to go from the fittest woman in the gym in her 30’s to 200 pounds by age 40. Subsequently, she says, with help from a new coach and medical expertise, she repaired her relationships with family, friends and food, and regained a healthy balance. Now, at age 42, she is working to re-enter the competitive arena. She says, “I have not stepped onto a stage yet, but I have already won…I stay connected with my family, kick butt at my job, and refuse to let it consume my life.”
Kelly with husband Jeremy and son Maxwell “Reece” Fuhlman

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