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Life is a Highway

By Sheryl Pidgeon

I moved my daughter to the University of Texas last month for her freshman year of college. On the drive to Austin we talked about her future, her passions, and my hopes (and fears). As we shared thoughts and strategized, I unexpectedly realized that many life analogies can be drawn from the open road: 

Read the road signs
You will blaze your own trail, but there are signs (and people) pointing you in the right direction.  

Use your navigation system
Life is complicated and the route is circuitous. You may choose to “take the road less traveled” as you make important decisions in your life, but seeking help and taking advice is just plain smart.   

Drive the speed limit
Don’t be in such a rush to get to your destination that you miss out on the beauty all around you.

Use your blinker
While you may have a plan firmly in place and know exactly where you’re going, sharing those intentions is a vital step toward achieving your goals.

Fuel up
It’s impossible to tackle the road of life when you are running on empty. Fill up on healthy food, regular exercise and plenty of sleep. Recharge with like-minded people who are on the same road to success.

Never text and drive
Diverting your attention even for a split second can have tragic consequences.  Swerving from your integrity might seem exciting, but it’s a dangerous road to take. Be present in the moment and you’ll find the journey is far more memorable.

Designate a driver
There’s a time and a place for letting go and having fun, but be smart, know your limits, and know who has your back.

Drive friendly
Judge people by their actions not their words. Angry drivers tend to be angry people. Cool heads prevail. Be smarter, not louder, and you’ll find there are many ways to achieve your goals without stepping on others along the way.

Keep both hands on the wheel
It’s easy to get complacent and comfortable, but always be prepared for the unexpected. And, while you will often find yourself driving solo, know that your parents, extended family and true friends are “riding shotgun.”

In this issue of GLF, I hope you’ll find some and tactics for navigating the twists and turns on your road of life.  

P.S. Call your mom when you get there.

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