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Breathe New Life into Your Home to Enjoy and Add Value

by Karyn Brodsky

Homeowners can rejuvenate their space without building a new house, as there are many easy ways to refresh a home. Ann O’Blenes, Realtor, Performance Partners at Remax Dallas Suburbs sees a range of general trends and suggests focusing on key updates.

“Transitional designs are in and traditional are out,” says O’Blenes. “Whether it’s inside the home or in the backyard, bright natural light and neutral color schemes are popular, as are contemporary, linear looks, square shapes and straight edges.”

According to O’Blenes, wallpaper is back with a “vengeance” embellished with geometric designs as opposed to floral motifs. Arched doorways have given way to square openings and straight lines.

A bright, airy look is important and brings the outdoors inside. This means minimal window treatments. “The trend in new construction is a lot of natural light. If you’re redecorating an existing home, be sure to install simple panels and avoid shutters,” O’Blenes notes. “White LED lights contribute to a room’s brightness, as well.”

Choose smooth surface, wide plank wood flooring in lieu of rustic hand-scraped texture, or opt for marbled-look floor tiles in white and gray. Iron staircase railings and other outdoor iron works, featuring Art Deco designs are popular, as scrolling and French-influenced styles are now passé. O’Blenes adds that acrylic has made a comeback in everything from cabinet hardware to light fixtures to legs on furniture.

In the kitchen, granite countertops are out and honed marbles in whites and grays are in. Manmade Quartz and Quartzite look like marble but are much easier to maintain. Straight-edge countertops complement white, squared shape cabinets, and subway tile or natural marble mixed with glass or metal are ideal for backsplashes. Stainless steel appliances are still in demand as well as integrated appliances that blend with the cabinetry. Box-shaped oven hoods may be integrated or made of glass and stainless steel.

Mixed metals, including brushed brass and polished nickel, are en vogue for bathrooms (kitchens, too). For example, chrome faucets and mirror trim mix well with brushed brass sconces. O’Blenes cautions to avoid shiny, oil-rubbed brass, as that trend is now outdated. Gray and white, Italian marble straight-line cabinets are quite chic, as well as square, straight-edge marble sinks.

O’Blenes says it’s important to update both interior and exterior décor to keep up with trends. “Employ some or all of these methods to give your home a sense of renewal,” she says. “You can enjoy it now and it will help to boost your home’s value when you choose to sell.”

To reach Ann, call 972.898.6600 or email ann.oblenes@tx.rr.com.

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