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We asked some local home décor and remodeling businesses to elaborate on the trends, both indoor and outdoor, and to weigh in on specifics.

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Nothing transforms a room like a fresh coat of paint. It’s a simple way to change the look, the style and the mood. Deep, rich tones add depth and character, and soft neutrals can instill a feeling of calm. While everyone has their own preferences, there is always an industry favorite.

Color of the Year: Shadow

Benjamin Moore’s color of the year for 2017 is “Shadow,” a rich, royal amethyst tone. “Allusive and enigmatic, Shadow is a master of ambiance. It is a color that calls to mind a ‘past,’ yet it can also make a contemporary, color-confident statement,” says Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore Creative Director. “Shadow is sophisticated, provocative and poetic; it can bring energy to a space or harmony and a moment of respite.”

Each year, The Benjamin Moore Color Studio conducts color research by attending industry trade shows around the globe, as well as taking note of the influence of fashion, textiles, home décor, art and architecture. This culminates in the selection of the color of the year, as well as a palette of complementary shades, which they call Color Trends.

For more information, visit www.benjaminmoore.com.


When updating your home, don’t forget the fixtures…the plumbing fixtures, that is. Jay Katz, owner of H2O Plumbing Supply, Inc. in Lewisville and Kennedale, TX, says the trend in bathrooms is more open space. “You want to make the room look bigger,” he explains. “For instance, free standing bathtubs take up less space than conventional bathtubs in a box.” Sinks and tubs with clean, smooth lines and less grooves are easier to clean. Katz says bathroom hardware in “silvers,” like polished or brushed nickel, and chrome are replacing brass, gold and black.

Energy- and water-saving mechanisms are important, such as low Gallons per Minute (GRM) flow showerheads, faucets and toilets—some are even required by law. “With today’s technology, you can have a restrictor on a device, and you wouldn’t even know it,” notes Katz.

Katz says the aging population is also impacting plumbing fixtures, as older adults are selecting items that will allow them to care for themselves as they age. As the Baby Boom generation reaches 65+ years old, people are gravitating toward a higher height toilet. “The ‘Comfort Height’ toilets allow people to get up without assistance and the TOTO Washlet bidet seat that fits on a regular toilet helps in the hygiene department,” says Katz. Showers now include body jets, hand sprayers and steam. “Asthmatic people are putting in steam showers because it’s good for their health,” adds Katz. “We sell things that make you feel better at home.”

Homeowners are also updating kitchens with larger sinks featuring bigger bowls to accommodate oversize pans, touch operated faucets that don’t require moving a handle, and hands-free faucets that use an infrared sensor. All of these conveniences make it easier to clean the kitchen.

Finally, entire-home water filtration needing a filter change only once every eight to 10 years are popular and can remove basic rust, taste and odor as well as bacteria, lead, carcinogens and microbes. “With one of these, bottled water isn’t necessary,” says Katz.

Visit www.h2osupply.net for more information.


If you want to breathe some fresh air into your home, be sure to do so from top to bottom. According to Steven Pidgeon, CEO of Dallas-based Star Floors, Inc., your choice of floors is very important. “Carpet was a high percentage of the business 20 years ago, but today everything except the bedrooms calls for hard surfaces,” he says. “This trend is due to hard surface prices decreasing substantially.”

While wood and ceramic tiles have been recent favorites, wood requires a lot of maintenance and is plagued by issues with pets, staining and moisture. Ceramic tiles make for a cold floor and as a house settles, tiles may become uneven or crack. Pidgeon says the industry has moved away from wood and ceramic to Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). Companies, such as Kardean (started by former Armstrong Floors executives), IVC (now owned by Mohawk) and US Floors (now owned by Shaw), offer a variety of LVT flooring options.

“LVT is not a low-end material; it looks as good as wood or ceramic and holds up as well or better,” notes Pidgeon. “Patterns are duplicated impeccably; tiles can be printed with patterns; it can be mopped; it doesn’t scratch; it’s easy to clean; and if a tile goes bad it can be replaced inexpensively, as opposed to replacing the entire floor.” In addition, he says, some vinyl tiles have a waterproof core allowing the floor to actually be submerged in water and still hold up. Pidgeon adds that today’s vinyl enhances the value of a house and is even used in $2 million homes.

For bedrooms, Pidgeon says, carpets are the way to go, and colors like gold and beige have given way to gray and taupe. There is also new technology that makes today’s carpet better than in the past. The industry has shifted from nylon to polyester, which doesn’t fuzz or pill, has better stain protection and brighter colorization and is a sharper looking yarn, as the texture or twist is much more defined. Carpet, such as Mohawk SmartStrand® Silk has become very, very soft. “These soft carpets are great for watching TV or rolling around with your kids,” Pidgeon adds. Many of today’s carpets are waterproof and some, like Shaw Floors LifeGuard, have built-in pet protection, so spills don’t seep below the floor, and the padding doesn’t absorb odors.

Star Floors, a family-owned and operated business since the 1950s, conducts business in 42 states in the US and specializes in residential, commercial, senior living facilities and country clubs. Star Floors works closely with real estate agents, and you can even shop at home with a trained professional.

Visit Star Floors at starfloors.com for more information.


If you’re on a special mission to completely revitalize your home this spring, be sure to go under cover. Under the blankets on your bed, that is. Fresh sets of crisp sheets can give your bedroom a whole new look and feeling.

Doris Hart, owner of The Mews, a “collaborative collective” located in Decorative Center in Dallas, is a firm believer in linen. “I love 100% linen sheets,” she says. “It’s strictly for comfort, and linen gets softer and more comfortable the more it is washed.”

Hart says her newest venture in bed linens focuses on white and winter white, mainly because that’s her preference. “I associate white with cleanliness,” she explains. The new line, called Bella Notte, is from California and features the “light, airy casual look” associated with the West Coast. It includes some plain and some frilly styles with ruffles. “It’s a well-known line and is just being introduced in the area,” says Hart. “Only a few stores are carrying it in Dallas and we’re one of them.”

The Mews is also selling comfortable, relaxed upholstery pieces in neutral shades and will also be selling headboards, including one that is fully upholstered. While the current trend in upholstery is contemporary styling with neutral tones, Hart says that brighter colors and prints seem to be making a comeback. She closely follows trends in trade magazines and has seen more traditional and eclectic designs on the horizon. “The decorators seem to follow the print publications,” she notes.

Located in an old warehouse building close to downtown, The Mews is an upscale seller of antiquities and decorations. Hart says that until now most clients have been from the decorator trade, but since the area is drastically changing, they are leaning toward a more retail atmosphere and are becoming more specialized. This year The Mews will celebrate 25 years in business, with Hart as its original founder.

For more information, call 214.748.9070 or visit themews.net.


Reviving your current home décor or adding finishing touches to a brand-new home? Anytime is the right time for a stunning clock. 

Fred Bartholomew, owner of Promenade Clocks in Richardson, TX, says the store carries everything from antique to modern options, and while antiques are still in demand, current trends are toward more streamlined looks. “Darker, contemporary styles are popular now,” he says. “Customers are favoring clean lines in grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, and wall clocks.” Bartholomew explains that people are also gravitating toward very large 36” to 50” round wall clocks with simple dials. He says they’re shying away from the ornate and tending to prefer minimalist clocks with only numbers and hands, no bezel, and no glass.

Established in 1963 and family-owned since 1992, Promenade Clocks is one of the premier clock retailers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With one of the largest selections of all types of clocks in the area, the store offers grandfather, cuckoo, wall, desk, rhythm, hour glass, mantle, Melody in Motion, and novelty timepieces. In addition, they carry a selection of custom, handcrafted clocks, Italian clocks, and specialty clocks. Bartholomew adds that Promenade Clocks has a complete on-site repair center staffed with experienced professionals that can answer all clock-related questions. Promenade Clocks is located at the Promenade Shopping Center, 300 N. Coit Road, Suite 158 in Richardson. For information, call 972.644.3979 or visit www.promenadeclocks.com.


An elegant and unique way to increase the beauty and value of your home is to add custom forged iron accents. Rosa Velasco-Klinghoffer, owner of San Miguel Ironworks in Dallas, custom designs iron treatments for windows, low-profile doors, gates, gazebos, fences, chandeliers, indoor and outdoor balconies, staircase railings and more. “Railings are super popular right now,” says Velasco-Klinghoffer. “Simply by re-doing the staircase railings, you can immediately transform your home.” She adds that houses overall are now trending toward the linear and clean, transitional look, and the same holds true for iron works. Although there are some people who still like the scrollwork pattern, homeowners are generally gravitating more toward geometric styles. “The linear look is best for future resale of the home,” she explains. “New generations like the clean, linear look because it’s timeless and more versatile.”

San Miguel Ironworks can create custom architectural pieces that reflect a homeowner’s individual personality and style. Velasco-Klinghoffer says that the possibilities are endless and the company can personalize a creation that reflects your dreams. Geometric iron adornments can separate rooms throughout the home, while fireplace screens can dress up an entire area. A wine cellar gate, planter, lantern, glass pantry door or wine shelves are some more examples of the many items that can be enhanced with ornamental iron. In the kitchen, an iron accent may support the overhang of an island or clear glass front cabinets may feature iron inserts. Double-paned, insulated bathroom windows can be personalized with ornate iron trim, and the same may be done for a custom bathroom vanity.

“There’s really so much you can do with iron to rejuvenate your home, from safety items to decorative home items,” says Velasco-Klinghoffer. “It’s truly amazing.”

Visit sanmiguelironworks.com for more information.


If a picture paints a thousand words, just imagine what it can do for the interior of a home! 

The Artists’ Showplace in Dallas can help brighten walls with unique art from both local and national artists, including well-known painters and emerging artists.

Gallery Manager, Terry Ellis says that she’s noticed a trend toward blue and purple tones for spring. “Everyone comes in to see us with their designer and the designer guides them as to what colors will work with their décor.” She adds that a real advantage is the gallery’s “out on approval” program, which allows clients to take six to eight paintings home to see how they look on their walls. “It helps them see exactly how it will work with what they have,” says Ellis.

San Cheang Education Coordinator at The Artists’ Showplace commented on the popularity of contemporary art, “The location of the gallery is important; we have a younger audience looking for contemporary art versus classical and they want a wooden frame,” she says. “We even have room that’s specific to contemporary artists. We had so much demand, that we had to reach out to contemporary artists from California, Colorado, and Alabama for some of our pieces.”

The Artists’ Showplace can accommodate those looking for traditional sizes as well as those who have odd-sized or very large areas to cover. There is an onsite selection of paintings in various dimensions, with some of the young, emerging artists creating large and unusual sizes. Clients can also commission a local artist to customize the size, color, or image.

The Artists’ Showplace is located in the Shops at Spanish Village, 15615 Coit Road, #230, Dallas. For more information, visit www.theartistsshowplace.com.

The Great Outdoors


Whether looking to increase curb appeal or longing for backyard bliss, improving your home’s landscape and hardscape makes the outdoors more enjoyable now and increases the value of your property for resale. 

President and Owner Lauri Braschler of Lu-Lu’s Blooms Landscape Design in Dallas, says there are many ways to transform an outdoor living space into a private paradise. She explains that it’s important to capture a visual of the setting and to get a sense of the homeowner’s taste, interests and hobbies. The outdoor treatments should reflect the same scale as that of the house, and the landscape design ideally will fit the surrounding area. Braschler notes that if a client doesn’t have a color scheme in mind, the colors can be pulled from the home’s brick. She says the preparatory assessment is a crucial part of the process, as it helps the client set a budget and determine the best end product. “When people spend the money on landscape, they want to be able to enjoy and live in it.”

Braschler relies on Mark Sorensen of Patio Works in Dallas to present the client with hardscape options. “Lauri and I actually sit with the client and design,” says Sorensen. “That’s what makes us unique.” Sorensen, who has been in business for 38 years, creates patios, hardscape, rock work, natural stone retaining walls, pavers, stone border around planting beds, paver driveways and travertine pavers.

Braschler says the buzz phrase for spring is “less is more” and lower maintenance is key. There is a focus on succulents, such as plants in the yucca families, Tuscan Cyprus and greenery with a Hawaiian, Moroccan, Tuscan, Mediterranean or Mexican influence. “Natural Texas-grown perennials that bloom throughout the year work best,” says Braschler. “Plant choices should be based on the weather and frequency of storms per area, so they will withstand the elements.” Organic gardens in two-level raised beds with a screen and fence in the backyard are popular, as are perennial pruning trees that flower or smell nice. Landscapes are featuring large, three- to 10-ton boulders, river rock, two- to 10-inch stone and a variety of water features.   For more information, visit lulusblooms.com.



Is your better-quality patio set starting to look worn, tired, faded or dirty? Don’t discard it. Breathe new life into it with repairs and replacement parts from Chair Care Patio in Dallas.

Owner Debby Martz says family-owned Chair Care Patio can refinish the frame and replace cushions, slings, and other parts to update patio furniture. In addition to extending the life of a fairly major investment, Martz says, “It’s all about creating the perfect, customized, outdoor space by creating a new look for your existing frames.”

Serving North Texas since 1988, Chair Care Patio carries hundreds of outdoor fabrics, which give clients a wide choice of colors and patterns.  “While frames are typically beige, brown, or black, people are going outside of their comfort zones and choosing bolder, more experimental cushion colors,” she says. “This year’s Pantone color of the year is ‘Greenery’, aptly named for the outdoor setting.” Though cushion color selections are primarily solid, Martz says clients use pillows to add pattern, color, and texture to their outdoor seating area. “Chair Care Patio is the regional source for everything you need to create the looks in magazines and catalogs such as Front Gate and Restoration Hardware.”

In addition to replacement cushions for all outdoor furniture, Chair Care Patio manufactures custom placemats, tablecloths, runners, outdoor drapes, and poufs. They carry classic outdoor fabrics such as those made by Sunbrella, Outdura Fabrics, Phifertex, Twitchell, Richloom, Waverly, and a beautiful textile line called Tempotest by Para that’s made in Italy. Fabrics are soft to the touch, yet durable and fade-resistant.

Chair Care Patio’s main office, sewing facility and 30,000 square feet of warehouse space are located in Dallas. Products are made in the USA, made in Texas, and made in Dallas.

Pickup and delivery are available. Chair Care Patio is located at 8700 Sovereign Row, Dallas

For more information, visit www.ChairCarePatio.com.



When one thinks of flooring, the outdoors doesn’t typically come to mind, but talk to Steven Pidgeon, CEO of Dallas-based Star Floors, Inc., and you’ll think otherwise.

Pidgeon says that outdoor surfaces are just as relevant as indoor flooring, and there are innovative materials trending this spring that can add convenience and safety. “Outdoor synthetic turf for residential landscapes is very hot right now,” asserts Pidgeon. “It’s low maintenance since it’s durable and never needs mowing, watering, or fertilizing.” He says that the non-water consumption feature is particularly pertinent for hot, dry climates like Texas where watering may be limited. Pidgeon adds that products from companies like Southwest Greens and Shaw offer a combination of a lawn and a putting green, that look, perform, and feel like “real” grass and is soft enough for kids to play on. In addition, it looks green year around and won’t fade from sun exposure. (www.southwestgreens.com) (www.shawsportsturf.com) For a truly unique look, synthetic turf comes in a wide variety of colors, such as white, green, red, and yellow.

According to Pidgeon, another significant trend in outdoor flooring surfaces is non-slip porcelain tiles. Often used in senior living centers, country clubs, and on cruise ships, the tiles’ texture delivers extra traction to help prevent slip-and-fall situations. “It’s being placed in all wet areas such as outdoor showers, around pool decks and in splash pads,” he says. The non-slip porcelain tiles also provide comfort, durability, and a wide choice of designs. The company Life Floor supplies Star Floors with this product, which is slip-resistant without being abrasive, and its built-in cushioning make it soft enough for bare feet (www.lifefloor.com). “Star Floors is the US Preferred Contractor for Life Floor,” explains Pidgeon. “We’re the official partner for installing Life Floor in residential and commercial settings.”

Visit Star Floors at www.starfloors.com for more information.



Looking for a place to enjoy the great outdoors?  Look no further than your own back yard!  Outdoor living spaces bring the relaxation and festivity of a vacation right into your own backyard with high-tech electronics and appliances, built-ins and upscale furnishings.

Pat Wilson, manager at Ed Kellum & Son in Dallas, says, “Our sales of pizza ovens have skyrocketed!”  Wilson understands why people want a complete outdoor kitchen.  “You get all the benefits of your indoor kitchen with the enjoyment of being outdoors,” she says.  A built-in grill is a must, and Ed Kellum & Son has a huge array of sizes from all the finest brands. But there’s so much more than grills. “Outdoor retreats are getting more elaborate,” notes Wilson. “Many include under-the-counter refrigerators, ice sinks, wine coolers, pizza oven prep stations and beer taps.”

The enhancements don’t stop there. Chris Vaughan, a manager with award-winning audio video retailer Starpower, says they offer TVs designed to be used outdoors. “Outdoor TVs are completely encased and weatherproof; if they get dirty, they can be hosed off,” notes Vaughan. “The picture is great, even in direct sunlight.” At Starpower, he says, customers typically request the larger sizes from 55-inch and above for their outdoor oasis. The latest audio systems are designed so sound can envelope the entire yard. Unobtrusive speakers look like landscape lights and buried subwoofers create rich bass and a full, well-rounded stereo sound. Even better, the systems can be controlled by your smart phone.

Visit Ed Kellum & Son at www.edkellum.com for more information.

Visit Starpower at www.star-power.com for more information.

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