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Time Flies…


by Sheryl Pidgeon | Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Sheryl-Pidgeon-Featured1My son just turned 18, senior year, an adult. My 16-year-old daughter acts like an adult.  My youngest daughter, 15, is driving me around town. Where DID the time go?  I know, I know.  I sound like a broken record. But, really, where does it GO?  

Is it that time goes faster the older you get?  Indeed, time has flown since I married my husband David 20 years ago. From our wedding, to the blur of memories of giving birth to our three beautiful children, to “Mommy & Me” play groups, the first day of kindergarten, Lego Land, Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties, American Girl dolls, etc. I could go on and on.  Just like you. A mountain of memories.

Fast forward.  Literally, it is like someone pushed the fast forward button.  The “middle” filled with team sports, orthodontist appointments, pool parties, making school lunches, driver’s ed. And the current keeps rushing. It can’t just be my age because it’s not just me… my kids feel the same way!  The weeks of school fly by, the summers are a blur, the next birthday party is being planned, and soon I’ll be sending my firstborn off to college.

My mother tells me to slow down and not do so much. While I agree in theory that this is sage advice, I don’t want to do less.  In fact, I WANT TO DO MORE. I thrive on the flurry of family life, friendships, working alongside our GLF team.  Sure, I could use a bit more time, but I am not willing to do less to achieve the feeling of gaining it.

My father, whose insights are always ahead of the curve, told me when I graduated college and was stressing about how to have it all, “You CAN have it all, just not all today.”  I get it.  Pace myself.  Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.

GLF was created for the “sandwich generation” – those of us navigating life, snugly sandwiched between our kids and our parents, and hungry for information that will allow us to enrich the lives of both.  We hope that the information and inspiration ordered up in this issue – and every issue – of GLF will help you along the journey.

Reach out to us with your wisdom and thoughts – and your kids’ and your parents’ thoughts too.  Time IS moving fast, but together, let’s keep the good times flowing!


Live. Learn. Laugh. (Cherish). Repeat

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