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Good for Your Soul As Well As Your Style

by Karyn Brodsky

Put Your Best Foot Forward & Represent Your Personal Brand

Have you ever wondered what the way you dress says about you? Did you know that what you wear can help convey a positive image?

Ryan Boles knows. This fashion-savvy young man from Dallas makes it his business to help others dress for personal success and offers complete closet makeovers, as well as lifestyle coaching. Boles says it’s important to identify your own “brand.” “You want to convey who you are when you enter a room,” he explains. “Ask yourself: how are you representing your own brand?”

While working for national clothing retailer Buckle, Boles often thought about how his clients felt after bringing their purchases home. He would then ask if they needed help organizing their closet. Soon, he was bringing his fashion knowledge from stores to peoples’ homes. He made the connection between dressing to fit their personal image and maintaining the type of lifestyle they desired, and thus, Boles’ brand of lifestyle coaching took shape.

It wasn’t long before Boles created RCB Image Consulting. What makes Boles’ business so unique is that he gives fashion advice from a male perspective. Though 80% of his clients are female, he also works with men. “When a guy speaks to another guy about clothing, it takes a lot of the pressure off, as opposed to talking to a woman,” says Boles.

Boles begins his process listening to the client, sharing a vision and then giving advice. He considers the client’s age, body type, and for what events clothing is needed. Together, they organize the client’s closet, determining what to discard and what to keep. Then, he takes his client on a personal shopping trip. They bring a shopping list and build a wardrobe with a budget in mind, so they don’t waste any time. Boles even creates a digital “look-book,” so the client can remember how outfits go together.

Though the majority of his current clients are in their 20s and 30s, Boles feels that teens and tweens can benefit from his philosophy, as well. Putting together a flattering outfit can help build confidence in young people and is extremely important in college, when students are interviewing for their first full-time job. “Helping teens find their fashion sense can do wonders for their confidence.” The ideal garments can also provide a sense of individuality. “Fashion is an expression of who you are,” says Boles.

For more information, call 817.614.2908, email ryan@rcbimageconsulting.com or visit Facebook.com/rcbimageconsulting


A Place for Everything…And Everything in its Place

“If we organize our lives, we can set an example and pass that on to our kids.”   - Rebecca Saumell,  Professional Organizer
“If we organize our lives, we can set an example and pass that on to our kids.”
– Rebecca Saumell,
Professional Organizer

Do you shudder at the thought of clutter? Does a mess give you stress? You’re not alone. Keeping your home tidy takes a bit of work, but the end product can help organize your mind and your life.

Professional organizer Rebecca Saumell is passionate about helping parents and their kids get organized. Her Dallas-area business, Simplify Your Nest, focuses on turning your home into a manageable space. She knows firsthand how difficult it is to maintain order in a home, especially with children, as she is the mother of four. “Each situation requires a different approach; first, I look at people’s homes to see what their space is and how they function,” says Saumell. “We talk about time and monetary investment and also set expectations for the organizing process.” Saumell consults one-on-one with families, works with them to organize their home and often returns periodically to assist with maintaining order.

Research confirms what Saumell does. In an article entitled “Home Relaxation: Why it Pays to Organize Your Home,” Elizabeth Scott, M.S., Stress Management Expert, says, “Living in a cluttered home can create constant low-grade stress and subtly but steadily drain your energy.” On the other hand, she notes, “Being in a space characterized by order, tranquility and a physical manifestation of your tastes, can soothe you and help release stress.”

Some not-so-scientific data also supports this concept. Most people feel refreshed and rejuvenated when their space is free from chaos. When everything is where you know it will be, you can focus on more important issues and maximize your overall productivity and functionality.

Saumell asserts that adults and kids need order. “You’re forming a new habit, so you have to be conscious about it,” she explains. “If we organize our lives, we can set an example and pass that on to our kids.” Saumell recommends beginning with the basics: teens and tweens need to learn to put things away and organize their belongings. She adds that each child’s personality is different; the “system” should be tailored to the individual. Show your teen or tween that if the house is neater and aesthetically pleasing, you can be a little less stressed and not waste time looking for things. “At end of the day,” says Saumell, “it truly is the old saying: a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

For more information, visit simplifyyournest.com 

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