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Wrapping Up the Future for Your Family


by Alicia Wanek | Staff Writer

When it comes to holiday shopping, are you the one who has all the purchases made by Thanksgiving and then sits back to enjoy the seasonal festivities?  Or are you the one running around last-minute trying to find something you can wrap in time?  Most of us would agree that when we take the time to think about our loved ones and shop around, the holidays are much calmer, and we feel better knowing that we’re giving that family member the perfect gift.

The perfect gift you may buy for your family members this year can’t be purchased in a retail store. A life insurance policy gives the gift of peace of mind, knowing that you’ve provided for your family members when you’re gone. Bobby Davidson, local independent insurance agent, can be your “personal shopper.” His 360 review asks all the right questions about you and your family to help you know you’ve purchased just the right policy. “People need life insurance for different reasons,” Bobby says. The personalized attention he gives each of his clients during his 360 review considers his or her individual needs to determine how the policy should be set up and how much insurance each client needs.

“As you are planning toward the end of year in regard to all of your finances, it’s a perfect time to look at your insurance needs,” according to Bobby. When you consider making those tax-deductible donations, using up your FSA’s, and contributing to retirement accounts, you should also look at your life insurance policies.  Additionally, at this time of year you may have more time with family to have some much-needed discussions when you are all together.

We usually have some down time as the year comes to a close, so take some of that time to call Bobby and set up an appointment. We never know what tomorrow will bring, and insurance is ALWAYS better purchased now than later.  Your rating – and thus your rates – can change just like that.  Did you know even a weight gain can change your rating? That may not be what we want to hear before the holidays, but it may inspire you to get a life insurance policy in place before the holiday festivities begin.

There’s never an ideal time to purchase life insurance, but we all need it.  Do your insurance shopping now, and give your family the perfect gift.

For more information, contact your insurance agent or contact Bobby Davidson at 972.980.4884 or Bobby@davidsoninsservices.com for a complimentary 360 Review Consultation.

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