STARPOWER Celebrates 20 Years!

America’s Most Decorated Audio/Video Company Celebrating its 20th Anniversary

Founded by the Pidgeon family in 1995, Starpower Home Entertainment Systems, Inc. was initially created to be an upscale retailer of consumer electronics. Today, the company has grown into one of the largest independent retailers and custom installer of audio and video products nationwide. Starpower’s 145 employees and 5 stores, represent one of the highest volume specialty retailers in the industry.

Starpower, and its collection of “family” companies includes Starfloors, a nationwide floor covering company, Ed Kellum & Son Appliance Company, and Star Interior Resources, a light construction and design company combine for an impressive group of over 800 employees and independent contracted representatives.

“It is amazing to see how we have grown the last 20 years” says David Pidgeon, Chief Executive Officer of Starpower. “We knew we had something special in 1995. We have worked hard to evolve the company in such a manner that has taken the customer experience to a completely higher level”. In 2000, Starpower created its very own Custom Installation (CI) Group, mastering the home theater segment during its rapid growth, later evolving and including automation products. Starpower rolled out 4 new stores in 3 years, including Scottsdale, Arizona in 2008 as part of its “Sun and Sea Belt” expansion. Following the economic downturn in 2008, Starpower stopped its expansion plans until 2011 where it acquired an appliance company. Over the years, Starpower has had many “firsts” in the evolution of the industry, being called upon by premium manufacturers to unveil products such as high definition, flat panel, digital audio, and dozens of other innovative technologies including the recent 4K introductions. “Starpower has become known as the ‘go to’ place for cutting edge technology” says David Pidgeon.

In 2011, Starpower realizing the company needed a new platform, acquired Ed Kellum & Son Appliances, Dallas, Texas’ oldest appliance company. “We recognized that the retail landscape was changing and eagerly accepted the challenge to create the future of retailing in our industry” said Daniel Pidgeon, Chairman of Starpower, who also happens to be the Chairman of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Daniel Pidgeon continues, “We took the bold step to redefine the company by our clients- not our products. This shift refocused our company on products that had a simple requirement- to make life better.” The tag line- The Ultimate Source for Luxury Living, has been an expression of the future of lifestyle retailing. In 2013, the flagship store underwent a multi-million dollar remodel that expresses this vision.

Starpower is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering giveaways, invitation only previews of products, parties and most notably an event that will offer customers 20% off when they make a nominal donation to a local charity. “We have always given back- even when times were tough. If we make money from our customers- we have a duty to give back” says Daniel Pidgeon. Starpower gives to hundreds of local charities.

“We all feel like 20 year old kids that have learned so much, and are energized by the success we have had. We can now look to the future of our company and its growth.” Says Daniel Pidgeon, “Stay tuned as the best is yet to come!”

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