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Packing Tips from Moms

Jo Lochabay  “I leave a 6-outlet power strip and an extension cord in my suitcase so I never forget to bring them on the family vacation.  With our family of five, we need plenty of outlets to charge our phones, laptops and other digital devices, and most hotels have too few outlets in inconvenient locations.”

Jennifer Green Belshaw “A lot of hotels in dense cities have limitations on the number of people you can have in a room. They can force you to rent two or more hotel rooms if you are traveling with more than three people, even if there are two beds in a room. Hotels on the outskirts of a town will have larger rooms, but they’re usually far away from the things you want to see. Renting an apartment has worked out great for our family of five. Usually 25% of the cost of a hotel and plenty of room to spread out.”

Larissa Wilson “Pick a color scheme for your trip so all of your clothes match. You’ll pack more outfit possibilities, but less clothes!”

Elena Michel “Use ziplock bags to pack your clothing. Take out all the air. You will fit twice the clothing in your suitcase and won’t have to pay for extra luggage.”

Linda Chlapek Lytle  “Take pictures of all travel documents – passport, tickets, itinerary – and also where you park at the airport. Just don’t lose your phone!”

Tricia White “Never fold! It takes up so much room. Instead, roll your clothes or put them in baggies.”

Suzan Dees “Staying in a hotel with limited counter space? Pack a shoe organizer and stay organized without the clutter.”

Karen Ingram “To keep your clothes smelling fresh, pop a dryer sheet in your suitcase.”

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