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Bus Stop Sign Conversion Begins as Part of DART’s New Bus Network

By Tricia White

As part of DART’s New Bus Network – which goes into effect on Jan. 24, 2022 – the agency is changing every route and every route number in the current bus system. That means that the agency also must change every bus stop sign.

Swapping out nearly 10,000 bus stop signs is no small feat, and it’s not one that can be done overnight. The agency has devised a plan for installing the new signs in advance, while ensuring riders know what buses serve that stop now.

If you travel anywhere near an existing DART bus route, you may or will soon see a sleeve, or bag, that covers the bus stop sign. DART began installing sign covers on Oct. 11. 

The sign sleeve is imprinted with information about what the bus service will continue to be at that stop through Jan. 23. The cover also states what the new service at that location will be starting Jan. 24.

Messages on the sign covers further direct DART riders to visit the DARTzoom.org website or to call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111 to find their new route or GoLink service, if needed.

Messages on the sign covers fall into six categories: 

  • New bus stop
  • Discontinued bus stop
  • Remaining bus stop
  • Discontinued bus stop due to GoLink zone
  • New GoLink zone pick-up bus stop
  • New GoLink zone hybrid pick-up and bus stop

The sign covers will enable DART staff to swap in the new signs over the next three months – and keep them hidden – until the New Bus Network begins on Jan. 24. 

After that, DART will remove the covers and any bus stop posts that are no longer needed.

Learn more about DART’s New Bus Network at DARTzoom.org.

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