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Updating Your Pool in Time for Summer Fun

By Jamie Spence

Having a pool in your backyard has been a very desirable residential amenity for decades. Maybe you are lucky enough to have one, but it’s looking old and dated, and you’re not very excited about using it this summer. If you want your backyard to feel like an oasis, there are a lot of options for refreshing or upgrading your pool. If you start soon, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your pool over the next several months!

Pool resurfacing

Is the surface layer of your pool coming off? Is raw gunite beginning to become visible? While consistently unbalanced pH levels in the water can cause this, oftentimes it is simply an effect of years of heavy usage. Once the surface layer begins coming off, it will continue to deteriorate and spread across your pool.

Pools often become discolored after years of use. These stains are a result of the minerals, chemicals, algae, or debris in the water. If, despite all cleaning efforts, the stains are still visible, resurfacing the pool will solve that problem.

Resurfacing a pool doesn’t just enhance your pool’s appearance. It can also address other issues, as well. Resurfacing will repair cracks and wearing. If your pool’s surface feels like sandpaper on the bottom of your feet, it’s the right time to resurface your pool.

Another benefit of resurfacing your pool is that it gives you an opportunity to update its look. You have a multitude of color and material options. White plaster, QuartzScapes plaster, and StoneScapes plaster are popular plaster choices. With different tiles and aggregates, you can truly customize and beautify your pool.

Pool tile and coping replacements

The material above the tile line that protects the top of the pool edging is called the pool coping. The coping separates the pool structure and the pool decking.  It is typically around twelve inches in height on average. It can also be referred to as the bond beam and provides a non-slippery border.

The angle of the coping supports the drainage system by causing water to flow away from the pool and into the deck drains. Coping also packs a big visual punch because it also serves as the frame around the pool. Selecting an upgraded pool coping material will depend on your individual taste, budget, and needs. Popular options include:

  • Oklahoma flagstone
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Lueders
  • Brick
  • Concrete

What are some indications that your pool coping may need to be replaced or remodeled?  One of the most common is cracking throughout the decking. Regardless of the decking material, the presence of cracking is a strong indication that the pool coping needs to be replaced.

Other signs of the need for coping replacement are broken pool tiles or deck rise. The glue for your pool tiles can begin to fail over time, expanding and contracting to the point of breaking the tiles. Deck rise, or deck heaving, means that the decking is now higher compared to the level of the top of the pool.  This can happen as a result of big weather or temperature changes.

High-tech upgrades

Automation systems allow you to manage certain pool functions from one remote control panel. An automation system is a great upgrade, especially if you have a complex filter system, your pool has lots of special features, or you have pool equipment that is a long way away from your house. More convenient and efficient, these systems can be specific to your pool, or work for both your pool and spa. While not designed to maintain the pool’s chemical levels, automation systems allow you to turn features on and off, or to adjust settings. The popular Jandy iAquaLink system allows the pool to be controlled wirelessly from your phone, tablet, or other device.

Automation system setups can be complicated. Electrical work should be performed by a professional installer. If your pool is very basic or if you dislike dealing with technology, this might not be an upgrade that would benefit you.

Additional features

Adding luxury features to your pool is a great way to update its look and feel. If your pool lacks a hot tub, this addition has aesthetic and therapeutic benefits! However, when adding a spa to an existing pool, resurfacing the interior of the pool will be required. Because of certain preparations that are required for this addition, the pool interior will not seal the pool structure or match the new hot tub, so you should plan for re-plastering your pool if choosing this option.

Water features are an elegant way to upgrade the look of your pool and immediately make your space look and feel more luxurious. They add beauty and movement to your pool. Fountains, waterfalls, cascades, bubblers, and other options also offer the relaxing sound of running water to alleviate stress.

Remodeling or renovating a pool is not DIY-work. It’s important to use a reputable pool company for your remodeling needs. To ensure proper installation, it’s important to work with experienced contractors. While this may be more expensive up-front, it will save you money on repairs and re-dos down the line!

Photo courtesy of Executive Blue Pools

Editor’s Note: Executive Blue Pools has more than 17 years of experience in pool remodeling. Their knowledgeable, tenured technicians will help you determine the best options for you and your family, and see your renovations through to completion with their signature worry-free service. For more information, call 469 340 2757 or go to info@executivebluepools.com.

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