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Spring Makeover for Your Closet

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By Amy Levenson Krumholz | Contributor

Now is the perfect time to get your closet and your wardrobe in tip-top shape. Here are some expert guidelines to achieve a stress-free and easy-to-access wardrobe.

                            • You must LOVE and WEAR every item in your closet. 

                            • You must be able to see every item in your closet. 

                            • Every item in your closet must be worn in a multitude of ways


    There are two key ingredients for success: PURGING and ORGANIZING.

Purge items that…
• Do not fit and have not fit since the last time you can remember. If you have been at the same weight for a while, accept where you are and embrace it! Look and feel good in your own skin. If you end up going down a couple of sizes, then you will want to reward yourself with some new pieces.

• You have not worn in at least 2 seasons. There is a reason you don’t gravitate toward those items, and they are just taking up valuable real estate.

• Are worn out, tired, or discolored. Feel good that you got your mileage out of those purchases, and then say goodbye.

• Still have tags and have not been worn in a year of purchase. We all make mistakes, and the money has already been spent. Try reselling or donating these items and STOP FEELING GUILTY.

• You keep because it “may” eventually come back in style. Yes, trends have a way of circling back around, however, designers know how to add an updated twist so the old items are no longer relevant. Unless it is a classic, well made, quality item that is in impeccable condition, let it go.

• You don’t feel good in it, and it is not flattering. How you feel when you are wearing something affects self-esteem.

When in doubt, take the time to try it on. You will immediately get your answer. You might actually discover a little gem and wonder why you haven’t been wearing it. Otherwise, toss it into the donation stack knowing the item will be appreciated by someone else.  

Organize your closet by…
• Investing in all the same hangers. I promise it is worth it! My favorite are the thin felt ones. For skirts and pants, I prefer the clear plastic with metal clips. It is important that your closet is aesthetically pleasing.

• Separate your wardrobe by season. The current season items should be front and center. Put the out-of-season clothing out of sight and hang them all together in the back of your closet.

• Keep all the clothing categories together. Organize by sleeve length and by color.

• Try to keep everything in the current season as visual as possible. For instance, place your out-of-season shoes and bags in boxes, and your in-season shoes and bags front and center.

• Hang as much as possible. The more accessible clothes are the more you will reach for them. No one likes digging through cluttered drawers.

• As for sentimental items, they should be stored in a safe place but not within your everyday “working wardrobe.” 

Feel great each and every day and make getting dressed stress free. Here is where I come in! I can help determine what should stay and what should go, shop for the missing key items in your wardrobe, and create outfits combining the old with the new. It’s my passion to make sure you look and feel amazing.

Amy Levenson Krumholz is the founder of Style by Amy. Her services include wardrobe assessment, closet makeovers and personal shopping.  You can reach her at stylebyamy.com or 214.232.6601.

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