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By Katherine Ingram 

Family game night is a great way to make new memories and bond over laughter and levity. Our editors researched some card and board games sure to captivate kids (and adults) of all ages. Here are our picks for your family’s next night in.

Apples to Apples (ages 12 and up)  
Take turns playing the judge as you draw a description card and a family member matches it to “things” cards and tries their best to make you laugh. Whoever cracks you up the most wins the round! This award-winning game is perfect for getting to know how your family thinks, what makes them tick and, of course, to laugh through the night.


Hedbanz (ages 6 and up) 
This fast-paced question game is perfect for family fun. Simply put on one of the headbands and item cards, and ask your family questions to try to guess what you have on top of your head. Rated 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, this game is sure to entertain the whole family.


Uno (ages 7 and up) 
Rated #5 in Amazon’s Top 100 Toys and Games—Uno is a classic game perfect for family game night or your next party. There are a variety of different versions of Uno including Uno Jackpot that comes with it’s very own jackpot machine. Endless options and never-ending fun all found in one deck of cards.


Speak Out (ages 12 and up)
This hilarious new game is sure to get the party started. Put in one of the provided mouth pieces and try your best to say the jumbled up words on your card. Guess what it actually means before the timer runs out and you win! This game has absolutely taken the world by storm since it hit the market and is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Perfect for adding a fun factor to your next family get together.


Catan (ages 10 and up) 
Travel back in time to the era of discoveries in this exciting strategy game. Race your family to settle the newly discovered land called Catan, and protect your land from invaders. Collect all of the different entertaining expansions, and create your own island paradise complete with resources, settlements and villagers.


When In Rome (ages 13 and up)
Experience history in the making with the first ever voice-augmented board game for Amazon Alexa. Travel the world with Alexa as you interact with real locals from cities around the world and answer trivia questions to gain points. This innovative game is the future of family game night.



Code Names (ages 13 and up) 
Test your secret agent skills with Code Names, separated into two teams and try to guess the secret identities of 25 agents first with the help of your SpyMaster. But be careful, if you get caught by the Assassin you are out of the game until the next round. With capabilities for small or large groups this question-based game is perfect for parties or get togethers.


Pandemic (ages 13 and up)
Four diseases have broken out in the world, and it is up to a team of specialists in various fields to find cures for these diseases before mankind is wiped out. Each family member gets a character, and you must work together, using your characters’ strengths to stop the diseases from taking over the world! This strategy game is both fun and engaging for your puzzle solvers and mystery lovers.


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