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Home is Where the Heart Is…And the office, and your family, and an amazing community…

By Alicia Wanek

Country music legend, Dolly Parton, once said, “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”  She’s the same woman who sang about “working 9 to 5…it’s enough to drive you crazy if you let it!”  It’s a struggle for us today more than ever, finding the best way to handle the demands on our time at work and at home while maintaining some time for ourselves.

Craig Hall recognized that struggle even 20 years ago when he set out to create HALL Park, an office park that focuses not only on the businesses moving in but also on the people working there every day.  The motto of “Like what you do; love where do it” has influenced every step of the design of this urban oasis.  The buildings are state-of-the-art, but HALL Park has redefined the office environment.  Surrounded by over 150 pieces of art, including the largest private collection of contemporary Texas sculpture, serene lakes and trails, those that work on the property are encouraged to get out of the office.  The fitness center, wine lounge, HALL Art Café, and even car services are all just outside the office doors.

When the law firm of Orsinger, Nelson, Downing, Anderson (ONDA) was looking for an office on the northern end of the metroplex, they realized quickly that HALL Park was a perfect fit.  Having been established in Dallas for over 25 years, the firm established a full-time office in Frisco with three attorneys, all of whom are board certified in family law.  These professionals are enjoying their new office space, appreciate working closer to home, and are taking advantage of all the amenities in the Frisco community.

For partner Jeff Anderson, he’s right where he belongs.  “I grew up in Frisco and Plano,” he says.  “This is home for me and my family.  I’ve seen (Frisco) grow from just a few thousand people.  Frisco has all of the best parts of shopping, restaurants and night life, and it still feels like home wherever I go.”  He’s especially enjoying having more time with his family.  “I went from a commute of 1 hour 15 minutes to just 15 minutes. I’m here if I need to run home.  I’m here if my children need me.  I’m more ‘here’ than ever.”

Having more time with his children is a huge bonus for Chris Oldner, too.  “The move has been a tremendous benefit for my quality of life.  I am now able to eat breakfast with my kids in the morning and make it to their after-school activities.  Even for an occasional lunch with my wife,” Chris shares.  “Working in Frisco makes every aspect of life better.”

Paul Hewett loves working where he lives, as well.  “I’ve lived here since 2000.  Frisco has great schools, great job opportunities for professionals and great sports and concert venues.”  He even has time now to serve as the announcer for his son’s Frisco Football League team, the Buckeyes.

You can find the attorneys and their families enjoying all that Frisco has to offer – Chris and his family enjoy RoughRiders games; Paul’s favorite brunch spot is Heritage Table; and Jeff enjoys sitting and listening to music with friends at Lava Cantina – but they are offering something special to the people of Frisco as well.

As Chris says it, “Every family is unique, and every family law matter is unique…The right lawyer, with the right background and experience, will be an investment that pays huge dividends throughout your case.”  Having representation from someone who lives and works in the county is especially beneficial to their clients.  According to Paul, “We are regularly in front of the local judges, and that benefit is beyond measure.” Jeff adds, “It helps to know your audience, and a family law attorney in Collin County will have more experience with those personalities, which means they will have a better foundation for presenting evidence more persuasively to their audience.” It’s really all about helping their clients get the best result.

Dolly Parton also said, “I love traveling all over the world, but it’s true, there’s nothing like home.”  These attorneys are meeting the demands of both their clients and their families because they make them a priority.  They’re finding time to enjoy life in a great community in which they have a personal investment because they live and work here – it’s home.

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