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Part 1: Camps and Summer Program Preview



Oxbridge Academic Programs (Oxbridge) has been welcoming intellectually adventurous high school and junior high school students to summer study programs in Europe and the United States for over 30 years. Students from over 80 countries are housed and educated in great and historic centers of learning including Oxford and Cambridge in England, St. Andrews in Scotland, Barcelona and Salamanca in Spain, Paris and Montpellier in France, and New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles in the United States while exploring new cultural surroundings.

From Archeology to Zoology, Oxbridge offers over 160 courses – a dazzling variety of humanities, sciences, social sciences, professional, and creative subjects – transcending traditional classroom limitations and school curricula.

Oxbridge teachers comprise Rhodes, Gates, Marshall and Fullbright Scholars, and top academics from local universities, from Oxford, Cambridge, St. Andrews, the Sorbonne, Harvard, Columbia, and other top institutions, as well as creative professionals and performers – all of them chosen for their qualifications and experience, and especially for their love of teaching and young people.

For more information or to start an application, visit OXBRIDGEPROGRAMS.COM.

Give Your Kids the Chance to Explore, Learn, and Blossom This Summer

“Test Drive” over 20 programs offered at University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, and Haverford College for kids aged 10 to 18

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP) provides motivated students a summer experience that delivers both enrichment and fun.  JKCP programs give students a chance to “test-drive” the college experience before actually filling out a college application.

JKCP offers 20 different programs, ranging from just one week to the full summer, on 3 college campuses, including University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University and Haverford College. Each campus offers a different college feel, as well as offering a different set of programs for various ages. University of Pennsylvania offers an Ivy League experience for students 14-18; the programs include Art, Architecture, Global Leadership and International Affairs, Internships, Penn Medicine for High School Students, Wharton Moneyball Academy, and Wharton Sports Business Academy. Villanova University offers programs such as Julian Krinsky Business School, Julian Krinsky Coding Academy, Julian Krinsky Cooking School, Golf, Tennis, and Enrichment. Haverford College is for ages 10-13 and offers Golf, Tennis, and Xploration.

The instructors are what set JKCP apart from other pre-college programs. Instructors are selected for both their expertise and their love for what they do. Their passion makes each class engaging, fun, and a completely different experience from a typical class in school. All instructors are subject matter experts and 95% have a Master’s Degree.  There are also full-time Academic Advisors who monitor the classes throughout the summer to ensure that each class is maintaining a good balance of learning and fun!  The student to staff ratio is 10:1, which is key for classroom success.

Finally, Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs offers a diverse and inclusive summer experience. Our students and staff come from 40 different countries and 40 different states.

For more information or to start an application, visit JKCP.COM

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