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Transit passes help reduce commuting costs

by Tricia White | Managing Editor

Now that acceptance letters are arriving, it’s time for the college-bound to start thinking about their transportation options. If they are going to college within the DART Service Area, a transit pass is almost as valuable as a student ID.

The DART has a bus stop or rail station within walking distance of more than 30 trade schools, colleges, and universities, making it possible to progress from community college classes to a doctoral degree without owning a car.

“Education is the most important variable for upward social mobility, and DART helps remove the transportation barrier,” said Dr. Joe May, chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District.

The DART offers reduced fares to full-time college or trade school students who possess the proper DART-issued student ID, making travel to and from campus more affordable.

If the college or university participates in the DART Higher Education Pass Program, students may obtain a semester DART Pass from their school – usually from the parking office. If their institution does not participate, those students may take advantage of DART’s Reduced College/Trade School fares. In both cases, enrollment must be verified at the beginning of every academic semester and the pass must be updated at the DART Store in Downtown Dallas.

Discover how to reach campus on the Travel Agent page, DART.org/travelagent.

Learn more about how to get your DART-issued student ID at DART.org/students and DART.org/collegepass.

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