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Maximize Your College Visit

Visiting a college campus helps your student get a sense of what college life would be like at a specific university. This can help your student decide whether or not a particular college is right for them.

When planning campus visits, make sure you allow time to explore each college campus and the surrounding area or town.  It is also very important that your child be the contact person with the college and take part in the planning process. Paula Nickel, the John Paul II High School Director of Guidance and Counseling, offers the following tips.

Planning Before the Visit

Research the college through online resources.  Make a list of any questions that the student or the parent may have.

Review the Admissions page and book and an appointment for an information session, as well as a campus tour.

Think through specific areas of interest, such as clubs, sports, or specific academic programs. Contact your admissions representative to arrange to attend a class, meeting, practice, or rehearsal in that interest area.

Inquire if you can meet with a professor or observe a class.

Arrange to meet with a Financial Aid Department representative if desired.

Making the Most of Your Tour

Review the campus map and parking instructions and arrive at the information session early.

Talk to current students about life on campus.

Make sure you see the dorms, dining hall, fitness center, library, career center, bookstore, and classrooms.

Eat in the cafeteria or dining hall.

Pick up any available guides, forms, and the business cards of the people you speak with. It is wise to follow up with them and thank them for their time; this also gives you the opportunity to ask any additional questions that you may have.

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