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Gaining an Edge with Summer Internships

Summer Programs Enrich Minds and Lives

by Kristin Ciccarelli

Getting into the college of their dreams can be tough for most high school students, and discovering a career they can be passionate about is even tougher. Rest assured, however, excellent resources are readily available, including opportunities to try on jobs and colleges; these experiences are extremely useful in helping kids narrow their focus.

One example is Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs, which started in 1978 as a kids’ tennis camp, and, over the past thirty-plus years, it has expanded to include summer enrichment programs and internships, giving young people aged 7-18 the opportunity to “try on” a skill or future vocation in which they might be interested. Krinsky, a former professional tennis player, says the idea behind it is not that kids should necessarily know at an early age what they want to be when they grow up (though some do) but to provide them an environment to play and practice while they figure it all out.

Camp-JKCP-Internships-(2)For high school and college-aged students, summer internships like Krinsky’s give participants an insider’s advantage as they gain first-hand knowledge of their industry of choice, building networks and developing their future resumes. Students might shadow a doctor or veterinarian or work with a venture capitalist. Krinsky works with the best-of-the-best in their fields—engineers, financial experts, chefs, physicians, athletes, artists, and more, and, with his vast network of connections, he prides himself on helping kids gain internships that can typically be very difficult to get into or are unusual (transportation or aerodynamics for example).

One of Krinsky’s favorite intern success stories is 22-year-old Fitz Tepper who, during his JKCP internship, created an app for delivering food coupons during off-peak times at local restaurants on the USC campus. Tepper is now a writer for TechCrunch, and he was recently featured on CNN. “It’s amazing what these kids are capable of doing,” Krinsky says.

Many school counselors have access to information about different types of internships; kids can also use the Internet to research opportunities that might interest them.

By encouraging them to try new things and reach outside their comfort zones, kids end up that much closer to getting into the colleges and professions of their dreams.  All the while, they are expanding their minds, making lifelong friends, and forming connections from around the globe.

To learn more about summer camps and programs, including Julian Krinksy Internships, contact Helene Abrams at Helene@tipsontripsandcamps.com.

Students: Take Julian’s ONE MINUTE SUMMER INTERNSHIP QUIZ to help determine what type of intership is right for you. Visit info.jkcp.com/summer-internship-quiz

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