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Virtual One-On-One Tutoring is a Lesson in Success


by Alicia Wanek | Staff Writer

Getting passionate about calculus? Could it really happen? In this day and age, with the focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), kids need these skills in a way our generation didn’t. Jay Veal and his mother Gloria at INC (It’s Not Complicated) Tutoring are passionate about math and science, and their approach to helping your student be a successful learner offers a refreshing change from traditional programs.

“The one thing that sets us apart is our holistic view of a student,” says Gloria Veal, Principal Program Manager of Communications & Public Relations for INC. Whether your student needs help reaching grade-level mastery of a subject, or whether your goal is to accelerate his learning in a certain STEM subject, INC looks at the way your child learns; INC considers the student’s interests to individualize material and keep him engaged while also talking to the teachers, the parents, and the student himself to determine how to best help him reach his potential. Gloria explains that kids are less likely to resist new information if they are confident in their skills; so INC’s “private and prescriptive” one-on-one approach is aimed at keeping them four to six weeks ahead.  INC can meet with students virtually (via Skype) or meet them at home or at a quiet environment nearby. With parents’ permission, INC will interview the teacher and gain access to materials used at school to ensure they are not working contrary to the methodology being used in the classroom.

Something else that differentiates INC from “big box” tutoring companies is that they work on an hourly rate, one session at a time, and don’t require you to sign long contracts. “We are creating lifelong learners, not lifelong customers,” Gloria explains. Their goal is to help find where the breakdown in a subject occurred – to see what the student does know – so they can work from a place of success. It may be that the student needs help not only in the subject matter itself but also with study skills or seeing the application of the content concretely to see how it is relevant.

For more information, visit inctutoring.com.

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