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Ready for the Game?

Starpower Brings it Home

by Karyn Brodsky | Staff Writer

Calling all football fanatics: it’s time to dust off your jersey, head to the big game and get stuck in terrible traffic. Wait! What???

The hassle of leaving home and fighting the masses is sure to make the NFL’s “most wonderful time of the year” the most frustrating time. Forget the gridlock and focus on the gridiron. Enjoy kickoff in comfort with an authentic game-like experience and all the amenities of home. Starpower, a high-end retailer and custom installer of audio, video, security and electronic automation based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, makes it easy with a complete home theater system. Thanks to today’s big screen technology and realistic surround sound, you’ll think you’re sitting on the 50-yard line.

According to David Pidgeon, CEO of Starpower, “Our newest TVs with 4K technology can make you feel like you’re right there at the game.”  TVs with 4K deliver higher resolution images and better image quality, with four times the pixels than a standard 1080p screen. That’s a staggering 8 million pixels, which means you can see minute details. “Project it on a 120-inch big screen and with all the camera angles, it’s like you have the best seat in the house,” Pidgeon adds.

Customers can take it one step further and add a great sound system. Now you can not only watch the game as though you’re in the stadium, but the sound is so good, you can almost feel the roar of the crowd. For the ultimate experience, Starpower builds custom leather theater seats, handcrafted from the best quality full hide leather, right in their Texas factory.

There are also systems for budget-conscious football fans. “We cater to all budgets,” notes Pidgeon. “Our 1080p projectors start at $1000, and we can build a small inexpensive room.”

Starpower’s Star Treatment program ensures seamless customer service from beginning to end, from experts who walk customers through the various options to help them make the best decision to impeccable customer service after the purchase. All custom installations are performed by Starpower employees; the retailer does not use subcontractors. “We are the largest and the best custom installation company in America,” he says.

Pidgeon points out that creating a home tailgating room makes financial sense in the long run. Crunch the numbers and it’s easy to see that the price of tickets, parking and food can quickly add up to at least $1000 per game. “If you buy season tickets, you have nothing at the end. If you buy the home theater system, you own it and can watch other sports throughout the year or convert your room into a movie theater,” Pidgeon explains. “It lets you ‘get away’ in your own home.”

For the latest technology, custom installation and impeccable customer service, Starpower unquestionably scores the winning touchdown.

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