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College Rush Chic!


by Amy Levenson Krumholz | GLF Fashion Editor

Rush is an exciting time!! Each college has their own process but they are all a bit similar. Some colleges take a more “laid back casual” approach, while others are a lot more formal. Some begin in August while others start in the spring.  Most colleges have a panalenic website which outlines the process and gives suggestions of what to wear for each day. Make sure that you have all of your recommendations turned in to Panhellenic on time and enjoy the process!

It is important for you and your daughter to keep an open mind. Although you may have been in a Pi Phi at Ole Miss, they may be very different at University of Michigan. It is important that your daughter joins a sorority that most fits her personality.

The outfits that were worn to the senior prom and homecoming may not be suitable for rush. Think of it more as “luncheon dressing” as opposed to short shorts and skin bearing dresses.

Consider involving a third party to take the stress out of what to wear and what is appropriate. It is more important to keep the peace between mother and daughter and receive guidance by someone who dresses people as their profession. The goal is to enjoy the process and to let your daughter SHINE!

The examples I have provided are based on the rush schedule at the University of Texas:

DAY ONE | Open House

Welcome to your first day of rush! This is a packed day full of visiting all of the sorority houses. You will be given a t-shirt and you will wear your favorite pair of shorts and some comfy shoes. Remember to bring your sunscreen!



Earrings – Calypso St. Barths

Rayban – you can give credit to any store in your two preferred malls that carry them

Shorts – Joie  you can give credit to any store in your two preferred malls that carry them Neimans does if you can not find others

Bracelet – Julianna LaBlanc

Blue tennis shoe – Bottega Venetta NM

Tory Birch Bag – you can give credit to any store in your two preferred malls that cary them Neimans does if you can not find others

White tennis shoes – Converse you can give credit to any store in your two preferred malls that cary them Nordstrom does

DAY TWO | Philanthropy Day

On your second day, you will only visit a few sorority houses and hear about their respective community projects. A perfect thing to wear is an adorable sundress and some cute wedges. Also, bring your comfy pair of flats to slip on for your walks between houses.
Earrings – Heather Benjamin Jewelry at Calypso
Dress – Parker New York NM or anywhere in your preferred malls that carry Parker
White Wedge – Burberry
Bracelet – distinguished jewelry Etsy
Tory Birch flat – NM or anywhere in your preferred malls that carry TB
White purse – Kate Spade anywhere in your preferred malls that carry
DAY THREE | Skit Night
By day three, you will have narrowed down your top 3-4 favorite houses. Tonight, each one will WOW you with a fun skit. You will want to wear a FAB cocktail dress. Grab those comfy shoes again for the walking, and bring your favorite lipstick!
Earrings – Ivanka Trump
Bracelet Moritz Glik off Google images
Dress – Parker New York
Clutch  – Maison Valentino Google
Shoe – Jimmy Choo NM
Nars lipstick anywhere in your preferred malls that carry
DAY FOUR | Pref Night
Now you are down to your top two! You will have more one-on-one time with the girls to help you decide where you see yourself spending time over the next four years. Wear a spectacular black cocktail dress!

Bracelet – Devon Leigh jewelry
Earrings – Treasured Accessory website google image
Flat – Giuseppe Zano Google
Pink clutch – Bottega Vaneta Google available at NM
Dress – Tibi NM
Stuart Weitzman black shoe – anywhere in your preferred malls that carry SW
DAY FIVE | Bid Day
Congrats! Time to go to your new sorority house where you will be greeted with open arms and get to meet your pledge class. Make sure to wear a darling sundress because you will be in a million pictures!
Dress – Missoni Mare – Neimans
Earrings – H Henry designs – Calypso
Ring – Heather Benjamin Jewelry – Calypso
Wedge – Tory Birch Google – anywhere in your preferred malls that carry TB
Orange Purse – Celine Paris
There are a lot more details to cover, so call me to get the ball rolling!  I would love to help with all of your fashion needs…

I can also assist in:
– Shopping for appropriate clothing for classes, parties, and games
– Picking the essential clothing pieces to bring that will fit in limited spaces
– Taking photographs of different outfit combinations not only for daily reference but also to show how each piece can be worn in a multitude of ways
– Serving as mediator between mother and daughter…additional fees may apply 😉

Let’s get this party started! Please contact me to set up an appointment for you, your daughter, or anyone else in your family!

Style by Amy | Amy Levenson Krumholz

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