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Torn Between Two Parents

  6 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Kids Out of the Conflict Children caught in the middle between two conflicted parents is challenging to say the least. Parenting can already be quite daunting. Then throwing in high conflict between two

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When Divorce Happens

  Maintaining Balance within the Family by Kristin Cicciarelli Sometimes, divorce is unavoidable, no matter how much resistance from one or both spouses. Even worse, it can be mentally, emotionally, and financially devastating, not just for the couple, but for

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7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Dog Days of Summer

by Lisa A. Beach Warm, summer weather gives you more chances to hang outside with your pet, whether you’re playing fetch at the park, swimming in the pool, or going for a jog together. However, the heat and the humidity

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It’s a Race to Nowhere

The Pressures on Our Kids on the Road to Success by Alicia Wanek Recently, I had the opportunity to see a screening of the 2010 documentary, Race to Nowhere, at Plano’s Shepton High School, and it has dramatically altered the

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Can Women Have it All?

  by Alicia Wanek What is “all?” Of course, the definition changes for every woman, but most mothers can agree that knowing how to balance the demands of work and family can be challenging no matter what choices you make. 

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Finding Me Time

We asked local moms, “What do you consider ‘me’ time?”  And here’s what they said… “Finding me time, now there’s a funny thought.  Me time usually happens between 5:30 am-5:33 am, when I’m slurping down my first tumbler of coffee

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Are Kids’ Clothes Too Provocative?

We see it every day. Sexuality glamorized in the media, the movies, in retail stores and more. What does this say to our kids? by Karyn Brodsky In the clothing department, there are many “adult” styles available to teens, tweens

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Gaining an Edge with Summer Internships

Summer Programs Enrich Minds and Lives by Kristin Ciccarelli Getting into the college of their dreams can be tough for most high school students, and discovering a career they can be passionate about is even tougher. Rest assured, however, excellent

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Are We Stressing Our Kids Out?

  by Dr. Sandy Gluckman Ego can be a good thing—in the right proportions, at the right time, and balanced with information and logic. But when our egos take control, disregarding reason and good judgment, this can lead to all

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