Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Kitchen Habits Early

Help Your Kids Develop Healthy Kitchen Habits Early

Be a good role model, make it fun, and involve the whole family.

Get your kids in the kitchen!

They’ll be more excited about eating healthy foods when they’ve been involved in the whole process.

Keep healthy snacks readily available

Keep fresh fruit and pre-chopped veggies on hand for quick snacks.

A handful of nuts or seeds are also a satisfying and healthy snack; look for unsalted or lightly salted versions of your favorites.

Eat the rainbow

Make sure your family is eating a variety of fruits and vegetables in many different colors.

Schedule time each week to plan healthy meals

Keep recipes, grocery lists, and coupons in the same place to make planning and budgeting easier.

Grow fruits and vegetables in your 

own garden

Backyard gardening makes a great family activity!

Check out these tips on how to get started.

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Content compiled from American Heart Association.