70 GoodLifeFamilyMag.com MARCH | APRIL 2019 American BreadZeppelin While sandwich wraps may have been soooo 1990’s, you gotta admit— there’s something pretty appealing about cramming a bunch of delicious ingredients into a handheld bread-like thingy. So, take that concept and instead of using a stale tortilla, you use a delicious, hollowed-out artisan baguette (hollowed-out, by the way, equals fewer carbs!). If bread isn’t your thing (and we’ll try to understand)—skip it altogether and go for a hearty bowl (i.e., salad).With more than 40 gourmet ingredients and 20 dressings,you’resuretofindsomethingtolove.It’sasandwich;it’sasalad; nowait,it’saZeppelin! MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.breadzeppelinsalads.com Celebration Since 1971, Celebration has been a Dallas dining staple, offering farm-to- table ingredients in a festive family atmosphere. Yes, many items on the menuaresustainable,suchassalmonraisedinthecleanwatersofPatago- nia and beef that’s local, free-range and grass-fed—but the real focus is ondelicious,beautifully-preparedfood.Entreesareservedwiththreefresh vegetables(familystyle)andyourchoiceofhomemadesoup,freshfruitor garden salad, and second helpings are available on most entrees of equal orlesservalue.Thereareseveraldiningroomsthatcanaccommodateboth intimatedinnersandlargerparties,andthepatioboastsarelaxingwater- fallandwood-burningfireplaceforallseasons. 4503W.LoversLn.|Dallas (214)351-5681 www.celebrationrestaurant.com InternationalHouseof Pancakes If plain pancakes aren’t your thing, how about something decadent like Tres Leches pancakes layered with creamy vanilla sauce and toppedwithdulcedelechecaramel sauce? Or Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse pancakes?These aren’t just pancakes; they’re artful desserts posing as breakfast. IHOP’s“limited time offer”menu changes frequently, so you’re sure to find something new to try every time you visit. But wait, there’s more: Ultimate Steakburgers are juicy and ginormous or for some- thinglighter,gofortheclassicRoastedTurkeySandwichwithhand-carved turkey.The menu offers many items as à la carte, side or combo portions, soyoucanmix-and-matchasyouwish. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.ihop.com Kenny’sWoodFiredGrill There are so many things to love about Kenny’s Wood Fired Grill— let us count the ways: how about a half-pound crab cake? Lobster Deviled Eggs with white truffle cream? Or, light and fluffy pop- overs? And of course, the Perfect Grey Goose martini, poured from their signature frozen tap system. While Kenny’s certainly meets the mark for special occasions, it’s also just rightforheartybusinesslunchesandweeknightdinnerswiththefamily. 5000BeltLineRd.,Ste.775|Dallas (972)392-9663 www.kennyswoodfiredgrill.com Newk’s Fast-casual, healthy dining is, no doubt, quickly becoming a “thing” in North Texas, and Newk’s is an ideal place to jump onto that bandwagon. Everythinghereismadefromscratch,andthere’ssomethingonthemenu forevenyourpickiesteaterstolove,fromfreshsalads,delicioussoups,and pizzas to a plethora of drool-worthy sandwiches. There’s even a special menu section devoted to Mac & Cheese (we crave the Six Cheese Pimento with Bacon version), allowing you to order a large, decadent bowl of the gooeystufforjustasmallsidetopairwithyoursalad.Dinein,orderonline, or check out Newk’s Grab-N-Go—this is a terrific spot to grab dinner for thefamilyoraquickbiteafterthekiddos’soccergame. 5960W.ParkerRd.|Plano (469)298-2071 6750GaylordPkwy.,Ste.290|Frisco (214)494-4602 www.newks.com TheBiscuitBar Biscuits. Tater tots. Beer. Stop right there—what else do you need? At the Biscuit Bar, you can top your flaky biscuit with a wide variety of scrumptious gourmet ingredients, like southern fried chicken, bacon, jack cheese, house made sausage gravy and honey butter. Can you say “cheat day-worthy?” There are bothsavoryandsweetoptionsforbiscuitsandtots,andtwodelicioussal- ads(incaseyou’rewatchingcarbs).Thestorybehindtherestaurantisalso bittersweet—owners Jake and Janie Burkett used their love of comfort food and turned a family tragedy into a way to share their passion with those around them. A patio and nice selection of coffee, cocktails, wine andkombuchaontapmakethisagreatplaceforweekdayhappyhour. 5880Hwy.121,Ste.102B|Plano (469)238-2227 www.thebiscuit.bar TheOriginalPancakeHouse Though OPH may seem as“American”as it gets, this classic breakfast and lunch dining spot (started in Portland, Oregon in 1953) incorporates an extensive knowledge of ethnic pancake recipes, too, such as its famous DutchBabypancake—anair-filledpancakeservedwithpowderedsugar, lemon and whipped butter. Another favorite dish is the mouthwatering DanishKijafaCherryCrepestoppedwithMontmorencycherriessimmered in Kijafa wine sauce. Hearty omelets are served with a side of buttermilk pancakes, so there’s plenty to eat (and share). Kids can build their own mealastheylikeit,andthelunchmenuincludesaselectionofsandwich- es,burgers,wrapsandsaladsthataresuretopleaseanypalate. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.ophdfw.com UnionBearBrewingCo. This is on-site craft beer brewing at its finest. With indoor and out- door, lake-view seating available, you’ll enjoy a unique concept of chef-driven menu items paired with brews, staff-curated spirits and cocktails. Start with Beer Battered Asparagus served with sriracha bleu cheese or, for a light- er touch, California Crudo (thinly-sliced raw yellowtail with strawberries, jalapeno, avocado and spicy yuzu aioli). Super tender Beer Braised Short Rib goes nicely with house-made pappardelle, edamame and heirloom carrots. Staff here is friendly and knowledgeable, and be sure to swing back around for weekend brunch:We’re giving a special shout-out to the CrawfishBenedictwithCreoleHollandaise. 5880Hwy.121,Ste.101|Plano (214)297-2337 www.unionbear.com Asian CRollsSushi CRollsofferswhatweliketocall“knockyoursocksoffsushi.”There’sbeau- tifullypresentedsushi,sashimi,rawrolls,cookedrolls,veggierollsand— for those non-sushi folks (is there still such a thing?)—plenty of “small food”optionsincludingbakedgreenmussels,jalapeñotempura(yummy), softshellcrabandBBQribs.CRollsalsooffersalunchrollcomboincluding agenerousrollofyourchoice,fourpiecesofCaliforniaroll,misosoup,gar- densaladandadrinkforjust$11.99.Thisisthekindofplacewhereentrees aresopretty,you’llevenwanttoeatthegarnish. 18101PrestonRd.,Ste.300|Dallas (972)447-4900 www.crollsushi.com HowardWang’s While the Grills and the Brasserie offer slightly different menus, HowardWang’s is famous for nice- ly-sized portions of well-seasoned Asian Fusion food, served in a sleek, contemporary atmosphere. Largeroundtablesmakeittheper- fect place to meet up with friends after work, or host a big family gathering. Lunch specials are very popu- lar and include a spring roll or crab wonton and soup (dine-in only), and whether you opt for something hearty, such as Kung Pao Chicken or Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry or lighter fare, such as steamed chicken and vegeta- bleswithsauceontheside,you’resuretoleavesatisfied. 6740WinningDr.|Frisco (469)213-2002 4343W.NorthwestHwy.,Ste.345|Dallas (214)366-1606 3223LemmonAve.,Ste.103|Dallas (214)954-9558 www.hwrestaurants.com RoyalChina A family-owned Dallas favorite since 1974, Royal China offers an extensivemenuofpopularChinese and Chinese-American classics, such as Cashew Chicken, Mongo- lian Beef, and Shrimp with Honey Walnuts—and all are consistently delicious. But it just might be the noodles—house made, from scratch—that keeps existing fans happiest and newer ones clamoring for more. Try the Dumpling Sampler and/or Xiao-Long-Bao (soup dump- lings), which are traditionally filled with pork, jicama and meat gelatin. Eachdumplinggivesyouawonderful,chewybiteofdumplingandinside, broththatismeanttobeslurpedonceithascooledabit.Thisisthekindof place where you find yourself asking your server what the guy at the next tableordered,soyoucanhaveitnexttime. 6025RoyalLn.,Ste.201|Dallas (214)361-1771 www.royalchinadallas.com SamuiThai Ifyou’relookingforgreatThaifood, step right into Samui. Upscale Thai décor makes it a sophisti- cated option for evening dining but don’t overlook the lunch spe- cials—generously portioned and very reasonably priced. Too many menu choices to decide? Start with the Original Sampler Platter with something for everyone in your party including Chicken Satay, Sun Wrapped Shrimp, Calamari, Bags of Gold, Monsoon Roll, Sunshine Roll, andVeggieTempura.BigBowlSoupsareamealinandofthemselves,and standoutentreesincludePadKeeMow(widericenoodles,eggs,basil,and veggies in light soy sauce and paprika) and Panang Beef (flank steak sim- mered in coconut panang curry). There’s also a nice cocktail menu—we keepcomingbackfortheLycheeMartini. 5700LegacyDr.,Ste.A1|Plano (972)398-2807 www.samuithai.com goodEATS Our editors scoured the greater Dallas area for tried-and-true dining destinations that are family-friendly and delicious. Here are some of our favorites: Good Eats Dining Guide