MARCH | APRIL 2019 67 LIKE FATHER LIKE DAUGHTER Ike Vanden Eykel & Lindsey Vanden Eykel “It’s invaluable to be able to walk down the hall to talk to him about anything.” -Lindsey Lindsey Vanden Eykel says, “Law school teaches you about the law, but it doesn’t teach you how to practice law.” Lucky for her, she’s learned all about that from her dad Ike Vanden Eykel, attorney and CEO of Koons Fuller, the second largest family law firm in the U.S. Ike realizes that there has been a lot of pressure on her as the boss’s daughter, but he says, “She has withstood that pressure very well.” Now she works just two doors down from her dad’s office. “It’s invaluable to be able to walk down the hall to talk to him about anything,” Lindsey says. He’s an extremely proud dad, and she obviously ad- mires her father very much. Lindsey’s appreciation for her dad really hit home this January when her son was born. As a new mom, she has come to realize the depth of her own parents’ love and the lessons she’s learned that she wants to pass along. She says her dad was always able to separate his work life from his family life, and she hopes to be able to do the same. When he was home, his dedication was to his family, but she also saw his work ethic and commitment to his cli- ents. That hard-working spirit is a trait they share. Growing up, Lindsey was a gymnast and traveled internationally with the U.S. National Team, win- ning the title of National Champion twice. Ike says, “She knew that if you want it, you have to go after it,” and even back then he could envision how that same discipline could carry over to the field of law. Lindsey says that both as an athlete and as an attor- ney you “have to work harder than the next person.” That determination they share translates into a real dedication to their clients. Both father and daughter realize that often they are helping people through what may be one of the most difficult times in their lives and strive to do their best for everyone they represent. Their commitment extends from the courtroom to the community in which they live and work. Both live by the quote, “To whom much is given much is expected,” and they are proud of the philanthropic work they have participated in together. The Koons Fuller Family Law Foundation has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in char- itable donations to organizations across the state. Lindsey says the idea of giving back is a principle she was raised with and that “watching my dad live what he preaches has been invaluable.” As for Ike, seeing his daughter follow in his foot- steps has been “extremely gratifying” and seeing her as a mother, giving 100% with the same intensi- ty she’s brought to everything in her life is “truly re- markable.” This next generation has some very big shoes to fill but also has a mother and grandfather committed to giving him every opportunity.