MARCH | APRIL 2019 27 Below are some tips of things you can do in and around your home for mosquito prevention: • Apply an EPA-registered mosquito repellent • Wear long sleeves and long pants to limit exposed skin • Try not to be out in the evening when mosquitos are more prevalent • If you have screens on your doors, make sure they are in good shape • Remove sources of standing water Best of all, you may consider getting a mosquito misting sys- tem. “It is the most complete protection for the outside areas around your home; it sprays automatically at certain times of day to kill mosquitos that are present and repel or keep them from coming into the area,” said Kellner. You will want to bring out a professional to design, install, and maintain the misting system every two months through the season of March through October. Maintenance involves inspecting and testing the lines and refill- ing the tank with an active ingredient. Another great discovery for mosquito prevention is the new trapping system whose research came from the Bill and Melin- da Gates Foundation. “We can install a series of traps that the female mosquito will lay her eggs in. There is a growth regulator in it so the eggs hatch, but the nymphs cannot reach maturity and will die before they become mosquitos,” said Kellner. “The more traps there are, the more female mosquitos get into them and the more it will affect the overall population in Dallas-Fort Worth,” said Kellner. This system is considered the most advanced and is only available to pest control companies, since extensive training is required to be able to install and maintain it. “I try to be the leader in innovation at Texas Mosquito Control in order to provide the best care and service for our customers and for DFW overall,” said Kellner. Editor’s Note: For more information, reach out to Texas Mosquito Control owner Mark Kellner at 972.248.3373 “OUR MISTING SYSTEM IS THE MOST COMPLETE PROTECTION FOR THE OUTSIDE AREAS AROUND YOUR HOME.” -MarkKellner,TexasMosquitoControl