Candy Hudson | Broker/Owner Century 21 Hudson Realtors basement game room. “You could be relaxing at your bar inside while watching your kids swim,” he explains. Sometimes, even a simple roof upgrade can do the trick for an aestheticenhancementofyourproperty.DMSspecializesinroofing with 30 crews to handle any issue or roof renovation you may need. Homeowners are able to choose from many luxury products such as slate, tile, and designer asphalt shingles. Although Dyer says one can often achieve similar looks with more affordable products such as synthetic and composite materials, higher-end roofing materials and products do share their own advantages. For example, some of the more expensive roofing materials, such as solar slate and metal, come with natural energy savings. Other materials provide increased weather-hazard resistance, making them likely to last longer, a valuable consideration in a state with such unpredictable weather. Whether you’re considering a new pool, an outdoor living room, or a full outdoor kitchen, you want the space to be somewhere the family wants to be. Being in Texas, the downside is frequently the pests that join you. With the dangers of Zika and West Nile being in the news, homeowners can keep their backyard pest-free all season using products like Texas Mosquito Control’s mosquito misting system. “Our customers have certain protection from those kinds of things,” says company owner Mark Kellner. “We are the highest level of protection you can get.” “It’s a 24/7 protection from mosquitoes in your outdoor space,” Kellner explains. Once you get a Texas mosquito controlled system DREAM HOMES “It’s a 24/7 protection from mosquitoes in your outdoor space.” - Mark Kellner, Owner Texas Mosquito Control continued on page 38