34 GoodLifeFamilyMag.com MAY | JUNE 2017 DREAM HOMES Hi-Tech Spaces Technology has become embedded in every part of our lives, and it can be part of every room in your house. You also don’t need to be a tech- guru to understand how to operate it anymore. In the kitchen, you may want to consider installing an entire discovery wall, which allows for the downloading of cooking apps, how- to videos, and more onto a large screen on your kitchen wall. Realtor Candy Hudson suggests having “a specific area meant for an iPad or small PC” in your kitchen as well. In the bathroom, it may be the high-tech steam showers or even a waterproof TV with a floating remote. Televisions in every room? You bet. Paul Craig, store manager of the new Starpower location in Southlake can help you select a screen, as large as 180 inches for your media room or a small one to hang in your bathroom while you get ready in the morning. You might be amazed at how startlingly real the picture quality is if you haven’t replaced your TV in a few years. Paul says most new TVs are using 4K technology. In short, this means enhanced color, clarity, and contrast for the imagery on screen, and on most TVs, viewers can also download their favorite apps. Starpower has the latest in digital entertainment,includinganLGWallpaperOLED TV which Craig says is the thinnest TV available, literally bendable. That same technology is even available in a waterproof version that can remain outside. The award-winning retailer also offers a jaw-dropping 15-foot video wall among its enormous array of high-tech A/V options. "If you want to be the‘go-to’house, adding a media room is a sure bet.” - David Pidgeon, CEO, Starpower The innovative LG OLED wallpaperTV features intense color and stunning contrast and lets you ‘peel and stick’the display to your wall with a magnetic mat. Starpower’s Craig Dyer and his team of high-tech experts help customers select from the myriad of A/V options available, event waterproof TV’s and floating remotes.