FIGHTtheBITE! Texas Mosquito Control A custom mosquito misting system from TEXAS MOSQUITO CONTROL will improve your life by greatly reducing mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, flies, wasps and spiders from invading your yard. automatic mosquito misting systems 972.248.3373 Call 972.348.3373 to schedule your FREE Consultation and get $100 OFF installation! youcangooutsideatanytime,foranyamountoftime,andnot have to worry about getting bit by mosquitoes. He emphasizes the value of not having the need to spray yourself down with repellent to simply go outside for five minutes. It also keeps event guests from feeling uncomfortable….and itchy. If you love gardening, consider installing a greenhouse in your own backyard. Indulge in the beauty of watching herbs, vegetables, flowers, and fruits grow, as well as the satisfaction of knowing exactly where the product you’re eating has come from. “With all the issues with unhealthy food being supplied to yourlocalgroceryfromwhoknowswhere,Iwouldthinkmore and more people would want to grow their own food or at least their own herbs and vegetables,” Claytonhill Greenhouses owner Timothy Hill expresses. “The food is better tasting and so much better for you. And gardening is a very rewarding hobby for the soul.” Claytonhill is one of only a handful of companies across the U.S. to offer such high levels of customization, from basic to classic to “sky’s the limit designs." Imagine a second story tree house design! Hill, who boasts 32 years of experience, also likes the greenhouse as a cozy and quiet place to read and work during a bitter cold winter. These structures not only add character to your home, but they’re good for your physical and mental health, create a secondary getaway, and usually add value to your property. Whether you decide to choose a few fun features to add to your current home, go for a full remodel, or build your dream home from scratch with all the amazing innovations you’ve imagined there’s so much available to make your dreams a reality. DREAM HOMES “… gardening is a very rewarding hobby for the soul.” - Tim Hill, owner, Claytonhill Greenhouses