70 GoodLifeFamilyMag.com NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 patio—aslongastheydon’tdrinktoomanyespressos. 6150FrankfordRd.|Dallas (972)232-2333 www.coffeehousecafe.com CrossroadsDiner Crossroads relocated to the northeast corner of Preston and Campbell, making this former Walnut Hill favorite even more convenient for North Dallasites.Yes, the famous sticky buns are ooey, gooey, and over-the-top, studdedwithchoppedpecans,caramel,andcinnamon—butthisisadin- er after all. You can’t go wrong with the made-from-scratch, blueberry pancakes and hearty frittatas, but you’ll also want to try lunchtime fare such as My Mom's Egg Salad Sandwich on wheat toast or the sublime Crispy Fried Chicken and Warm Brie sandwich. Crossroads welcomes kids and large parties, and, while this busy place doesn’t take reservations, simply download the Nowait app and you'll get a text when your table isready. 17194PrestonRd.,Ste.101|Dallas (214)346-3491 www.crossroads-diner.com DeliNews Sometimes, you’ve just gotta have a sandwich – a really big, juicy one on pillowy bread, piled high with deli meats, cheese and condiments. And Deli News, a true New York-style deli, restaurant and bakery has served the best for the past twenty-two years. They’ve got everything the ex- New Yorker is looking for: whitefish, chopped liver, pastrami and more. Buttheydodinner,too.Dineinortakeout(theyalsocater)fromtheirhot foodmenuincludingbeefstroganoff,boiledchickeninthepotwithmatzo balls, stuffed cabbage rolls and braised short ribs. What are you waiting for? 17062PrestonRd.|Dallas (972)733-3354 www.delinewsdallas.com DreamCafé This favorite breakfast-lunch-dinner-brunch spot, equally popular among young, energetic families and sleepy singles sporting disheveled hair, offers something for everyone: vegetarian entrees so hearty you’ll never missthemeat;gluten-freedishes;breakfastitemsfordinner(Chickenand Waffles with bacon gravy?); and plenty more. Just looking for a nosh?Try the Blue Cheese Chips loaded with apple-smoked bacon and scallions or the Thai Crab Fritters with lemongrass, lime leaf, buttermilk, and chile. Withfriendlyserviceandcocktailofferings,thedreamisverymuchalive. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.thedreamcafe.com FirstWatch Sure, these days you can get trendy and healthy menu items like avocado toastatjustaboutanywhere,butatthisplace,it’sover-the-topgoodwith smashed avocado, extra virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and Malden sea salt. A seasonal menu focusing on fresh produce offers lighter fare in warmer months and comfort food in cooler months, making it a perfect choice any time of the year. Carnivores shouldn’t miss the scrumptious Millionaire’s Bacon—four slices of hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne and a maple syrup drizzle, and the Power Bowl made with protein-packed quinoa, veggies and lemon chick- enbreastisaperfectchoiceforlunch. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.firstwatch.com GlobalPeaceFactory If you think the name of this place refers to a hippie-dippie alternative to “that other factory” (you know, the one with cheesecake), think again. “Factory” is just for fun, because Global Peace is anything but. A fairly small space with highly customizable drinks, interesting ingredients and super-friendlywaitstaffarewhatbringfolksbackheretimeandagain.We said interesting coffee ingredients, and we meant it: lavender or coconut syrup. Honey. Brown Sugar.There are also plenty of milk alternatives. But what makes Global Peace a standout for us is that it donates a portion of itsproceedstopeaceworkcharities.Prettycoolforaplacethatservesreally hotbeverages. 1377LegacyDr.|Frisco (214)705-2664 www.globalpeacefactory.com HugsCafé Everything about Hugs makes us want to smile—from the friendly staff, to the exceptional customer service, to the giant“HUGS”sign on the wall, and of course, to the food. Owner RuthThompson created the Hugs con- cept as a lunch-only place where adults with special needs could find meaningful work and then used her cooking background to create truly delicious menu items. You’ll find daily soups, fresh salads and decadent sandwiches that are piled high with tasty fillings. Our favorite just might be The Chickie Hug, made with Hugs’signature chicken salad, cucumber, fresh spinach and tomato on your choice of bread. Ultimate Picnic Potato Saladisamust-tryside,andeveryoneravesabouttheSignatureWedding CakeCookies.ClosedonMondays. 224E.VirginiaSt.|McKinney (469)301-6900 www.hugscafe.org Mama’sDaughters’Diner If your own mama always told you to“cleanyourplate,”thenyou’dbet- tercometoMama’sDaughters’Din- er hungry. This family-owned and operated business (since 1958!) is currently run by three genera- tions, serving generous portions of made-from-scratch yumminess throughout the day. Daily specials are of the“Meat & 3”variety (entrée plus your choice of three sides) and priced at just $10.50—chicken and dumplings and meatloaf are stand- outs. Pies and cobblers are decadent and also available in whole sizes for takeout. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.mamasdaughtersdiner.com MapleLeafDiner When experienced restaurateurs, Michael Delaurier and Chef Debra Delaurier, couldn’t find the Cana- dian comfort food they craved in the Metroplex, they created their own place. Maple Leaf’s menu of- fers what Canadians dream about: poutine (French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy), peameal bacon (aka“real”Canadian bacon) and butter tarts. For a little bit of Can- ada meetsTexas, try the scrumptious Southern Poutine with chicken fried chicken and white gravy. And with all-day breakfast plus a lengthy menu of burgers, wraps and hearty entrees, it’s a pretty terrific spot for family dining,eh? 12817PrestonRd.,Ste.129|Dallas (214)434-1626 www.mldiner.com Nerdvana We’re not sure what makes us nerdier: our love of Nerdvana’s borrow- or-buy board games library or the fact that we get super excited about a hot beverage served in actual coffee mugs. Never mind. Nerdvana gets a big thumbs up. Much of the seating in this wide-open space is commu- nity-style—perfect for socializing and playing games—with plentiful outlets for all your electronic devices.Teas and fresh juices round out your beverageselection,andtheTexasToastsaredefinitelyworthatasting.We swoonedovertheDivineApplePecanversion. 5757MainSt.|Frisco (214)618-8130 www.nerdvanafrisco.com Norma’sCafé Since1956,Norma’shasbeenserv- ing up its own brand of delicious fare and down-home hospitality. From giant omelets stuffed to the brim, to burgers, sandwiches, and so much more, narrowing down yourchoicescanbeachallenge.Ev- eryone loves Norma’s biscuits, but don’t eat too many of them or you won’thaveroomforthingslikethe Chicken Fried Steak (one of DFW’s best), Open-Faced Pot Roast Sandwich onTexastoastservedwithmashedpotatoesandsmotheredwithgravy,or the ubiquitous diner Patty Melt, positively oozing with Swiss Cheese and smotheredonions.Don’tforgetthepies!Youcan’tleavewithoutindulging inoneofNorma’sMile-HighCreamPies™;thecoconutversionisanother- worldlyexperience. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.normascafe.com PearlCup When Carlene Saelg and Rita Davis moved to Dallas from Austin in early 2007, they began looking for a“real”coffee shop—the kind that served strong, mostly espresso-based drinks that weren’t bitter, provided a com- munityatmosphereandwelcomedthosewhowantedtoopenupalaptop orbookandhangoutforawhile.Whentheycouldn’tfindone,theyboldly openedPearlCup.Usingonlythebest,localTexasroasters,PearlCupisthe perfectvenuefortruecoffeesnobs—andwemeanthatinthemostcom- plimentary way. Of course, you must try their creamy, dreamy signature drink:ThePearlLatte™. 2701CusterPkwy.|Richardson (214)468-8182 www.pearlcupcoffee.com WhiteRockCoffee Whether you’re searching for a cool, caffeinated hangout after burning somecaloriesatWhiteRockLakeoraquickwalk-up/drive-thruwithplen- ty of specialty drink options, like Iced Caramel Mocha and Mango Peach GreenIcedTea,WhiteRockaimstoplease.ThemainlocationonNorthwest Highway offers plenty of seating (there’s also a small balcony upstairs if the downstairs is full), free Wi-Fi, fresh muffins, bagels and pastries and if you hit them at the right time, free live music, too. It’s also a great place to pick up a pound of locally roasted microlot, organic or direct/fair trade beansforyourhomebrews. MultiplelocationsthroughoutDFW www.wrcoffee.com RoyalBlue Whether you’re looking to grab an awesome Stumptown coffee with a buddy, a healthy prepared lunch fortheoffice,oryou’rejusttoodarn tired to cook dinner for the family, Royal Blue has something for you. It’s a thoughtfully-curated (and su- per-hip)urbangrocerystoreaswell as an excellent resource for locally sourced products; each store is different, tailored to the neighborhood it serves. Royal Blue also offers catering, with everything from breakfast tacos to boxed lunches, mix-and-match sandwich platters, cocktail bites andmore. 1HighlandParkVillage|Dallas (214)526-9516 www.royalbluegrocery.com Spoons Located right on the square in beautiful, historic McKinney, Spoons offers breakfast all day plus a plethora of delicious sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs, soups and salads—something to suit everyone’s culinary cravings. Start by sharing an order of Cottage Potatoes All the Way—basically, a breakfast version of cheese fries: house potatoes smothered with Ched- dar and Pepper Jack cheeses, crumbled apple smoked bacon and a side of Spoons’salsa.Spoonsisfamousforitschickensalad,andonceyou’vetried it,you’llknowwhy:dicedredgrapes,celery,andpecans,mixedwithmay- onnaise and pickle relish, served on bread or slider buns, make it a stand- out. It’s a terrific place to chill with family and friends after shopping“The Square.” Hint:Donotmissoutonthekillerdessertsincludinghomemade pies(mightwesuggestcoconutcream!). 100E.LouisianaSt.|McKinney (972)548-6900 www.spoonscafe.com Cajun Amberjax This light and spacious Louisi- ana-style eatery has plenty to offer. Not only is it smack-dab in themiddleofoneofDallas’hottest dining destinations for date night and more, the freshly prepared seafood is tough to beat. Whether you’ve got a hankering for Down Home Shrimp and Grits, Lobster Mac&CheeseormaybesomethinglighterlikeSearedYellowfinTunawith Wasabi, Ponzu and Ginger, Amberjax will not disappoint. Don’t like fishy things?Noworries.Theyalsoofferdeliciouschickenandbeef. 3011GuldenLn.,Ste.107|Dallas (469)513-9088  www.amberjax.net