NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 65 M aking family holiday celebrations magical experiences takes that special family organizer who can relate to all family members regardless of age or personality: siblings, distant relatives, kids of assorted ages, plus older parents and grandparents. The most challenging can be the elderly: they are sometimes limited in physical or cognitive abilities, calling for special arrangements by the adult children. Dr. Paul K. Chafetz, Dallas Clinical Psychologist and author of Loving Hard-to-Love Parents, recommends, “Adjust expectations to the person who is coming to the party. Give the gift of compassion and forgiveness in the spirit of the season. The gift of compassion is a gift to everyone.” Here are some tips to extend this compassion to elder relatives: KeeptheSeason Merry and Bright By Barbara Glass Sage Tips for Entertaining Elderly Family Members During the Holidays Holiday gatherings are great occasions to tell each other loving thoughts and give voice to what is most important.