60 GoodLifeFamilyMag.com NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 5 TIPS FOR DIVORCED PARENTS ByTaylor Mohr | Contributor HOLIDAY ANGST TO KEEP HOLIDAY CHEER FROM TURNING INTO For parents, the holidays are filled to the brim with emotions – some joyous, others stressful. A budget stretched too thin by gifts and travel, too much time with the in-laws, and sugar-saturated kids out of school are some of the main ingredients in a recipe that frequently turns holiday cheer into holiday angst. Those feelings are multiplied for divorced or separated parents. The good news is that even divorced or separated parents can enjoy the holidays. Here are five tips to help that happen: No.1 KNOW THE RULES Review the terms of your court order, if you have one. Knowing exactly who does what, when and where will eliminate a great deal of the tension and stress brought on by arguments over scheduling. Even if you’ve looked at it in the past, look at it every year just to shake off the rust. Often, the language in court orders can be confusing, so if you have any questions, talk to an attorney in advance. Don’t assume you know without checking. Assumptions could get you in trouble with the court later, on top of ruining your holiday dinner.