NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 47 Christmas: Prices rise in mid-December for this holiday (Tuesday, Dec. 25), but it usually isn’t quite as expensive as Thanksgiving because the travel period is spread out over more days. Don’t delay making your ticket purchase, though, and do look at different itineraries. Again, you will likely find airfare flights on Christmas Day cheaper than other dates. New Year’s: You may not want to fly on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day (Monday, Dec. 31 and Tuesday, Jan. 1), but that’s when you’ll find better deals. In September, I checked flights from Dallas to New Orleans and found departures on Dec. 31 were about $40 to $50 cheaper than flights leaving a day or two earlier. But always compare fares to confirm this will work for your particular itinerary. No 3 POST-HOLIDAY MEGA-DEALS Suggestion: Don’t use all your vacation time for holiday travel because a major airfare price drop begins about a week into the New Year and continues until mid-February. That’s the time to find very cheap fares across the U.S. and Europe. Happy travels! Editor’s Note: Rick Seaney is a travel expert, who loves helping others find great deals on traveling domestically and abroad. Find more of Rick’s tips at: Academic Excellence. Inspiring Individual Passions. Spiritual Development. Innovative Leadership. 4004 Midway Road (Near Dallas North Tollway & Plano Pkwy) 972-447-0532 AGES 6 WEEKS - GRADE 12 School Previews Throughout the Year