46 GoodLifeFamilyMag.com NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 DO LAST-MINUTE DEALS FOR THE HOLIDAYS STILL EXIST? By Rick Seaney | Contributor No 1 THANKSGIVING Fly less popular days: The Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving are the most popular departure days, while the Sunday after is the number one return day; avoid them! Instead, check out prices for departures the weekend before the holiday or the Monday before, and consider returning Friday, Saturday or Monday. Bottom line: Being flexible can save money. Fly on the holiday: Some won’t consider this, but if you can fly on Turkey Day itself (Thursday, Nov. 22), you will not only get the best price but you’ll also avoid airport crowds and craziness. Fly early in the day and you won’t miss a minute of the feast or the football. Fly to and from a bigger airport: If your airport is small, but there’s a larger one nearby, check out prices from both; bigger usually means cheaper (and do the same for your destination). If you’re lucky enough to have multiple airports near you, check out prices from each. Sometimes DFW will have better deals, other times Love Field may be cheaper. No 2 DECEMBER HOLIDAYS Hanukkah: This year the holiday occurs Dec. 2-10, which is perfect for deals because fares drop after the high-traffic, high-priced period of Thanksgiving. This is not only a perfect time to visit family; early December is also great for getaways. The holidays are coming and you want a deal. Unfortunately, cheap flights are mostly non-existent at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. The airlines know we want to fly during these celebratory periods and raise their prices to whatever we will pay (which can be a lot, especially at Thanksgiving). Don’t look for special sales or last-minute discounts, but you can still save something. Check out these strategies to find the best ticket prices possible, along with other ways to cut costs.