NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 27 some drastic action just to survive, but it made a comeback in the 1990s. The company began diversifying, including new construction in Frisco, purchase of new real estate in a depressed area of Dallas, investing in the winemaking business, and opening its new lending operation affiliate, HALL Structured Finance. During this period of growth into the early 2000s, the company bought 12 million shares of American Airlines, but by the end of 2012, that position had lost $400 million in value, and the company lost $150 million in oil and gas. Craig’s expert leadership helped the company ride through this second downturn, and now HALL Group is riding higher than ever before in the company’s history. The perseverance for which he has been recognized kept the company going. EMPHASIS Throughout it all, Craig has had an emphasis on encouraging the arts and on encouraging the next generation of business owners. TheHALLGroup’sphilanthropicplatformWeCAREincorporates the organization’s four pillars of giving – Community, Arts, Responsible business practices and Entrepreneurship. The arts have been priorities for Kathryn and Craig since early on in their marriage. Their homes here and at the winery in California are filled with paintings and sculptures, and if you’ve ever been at a HALL Group property, you can see how art defines the spaces where people are living and working surrounded by that same beauty. The Texas Sculpture Garden at HALL Park and Texas Sculpture Walk at HALL Arts are both open to the public. Believing that art can inspire creativity, HALL Park boasts over 190 works of art on its premises. They are gifts to the surrounding communities. He is equally passionate about inspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, his seventh and latest book, to be published in 2019, is on the subject. Through the Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation, the Halls have been able to create programs worldwide that foster entrepreneurship and encourage responsible business practices. Since its inception in 1977, the Foundation has given millions of dollars in grants to support the long-term growth of entrepreneurship around the globe. That entrepreneurial spirit is as much a trait of Kathryn as of Craig. Kathryn, who is a former U.N. Ambassador to Austria, serves on the Board of Directors for HALL Group and has taken the reins at HALL Wines. More than 140 of their wines have been rated 90 points and above, and two have achieved a perfect 100-point score. Together the couple wrote A Perfect Score, a New York Times bestseller. FORM Craig’s vision and determination have formed a company that is innovative and respected. There’s an Andy Warhol quote that says, “Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” With Craig at the helm of HALL Group, he has created a masterpiece. Craig and Kathryn Hall, shown here launching A Perfect Score, a NY Times bestseller. Kathryn, who is a former U.N. Ambassador to Austria, serves on the Board of Directors for HALL Group and has taken the reins at HALL Wines. Craig Hall started HALL Group in 1968 with a $4000 down payment for a student rooming house and soon purchased a dozen more. By the age of 21, he was a self-made millionaire. Craig Hall with Kathy Seei (then Mayor of Frisco) and featured artists/ sculptors at the official opening of the Texas Sculpture Garden at HALL Park in Frisco (circa 2001). Today, there are over 190 works of art on its premises. In 2007, Craig earned the Horatio Alger award honoring people who have succeeded in spite of adversity.