NOVEMBER | DECEMBER 2018 19 If you’ve ever built or redecorated a home, you know that there are hundreds of decisions to make from fixtures to lighting to cabinets, but arguably what gives your home the most personal touch is the artwork you choose to add to your décor. Terry Ellis, gallery manager of The Artists' Showplace Gallery, says, “Art expresses the collector’s individual personality and sense of style like nothing else. People generally choose art that brings them joy, whether it’s a painting of a peaceful rural landscape or an ultra-modern piece with bright, bold colors. It’s very individual. One person might see something special in a work of art, while someone else might not see anything at all.” The Artists' Showplace features an extensive collection of original artwork including sculpture, woodwork, jewelry and paintings for those who appreciate the more classical and traditional artwork or contemporary and abstract. Customers can find a small piece for a little niche or a large canvas to make a statement in the room. Terry also reminds us at this time of year that art can make a very personal gift. Stroll through their 12,000 square-foot space to find the perfect piece for that special someone. Or maybe someone on your list has that creative spark. Terry suggests, “Art classes are great gifts, too. Because they inspire long-term creativity, they really are gifts that keep on giving.” The gallery offers gift certificates for those who want to select artwork or a specific class on their own. Shops at Spanish Village | 15615 North Coit Road | Suite 230 972.233.1223 | THE ARTISTS' SHOWPLACE GALLERY “Art expresses the collector’s individual personality and sense of style like nothing else.” - Terry Ellis, gallery manager, The Artists' Showplace