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Thankful People are Happier People

by Sheryl Lilly Pidgeon | Founder/Editor-In-Chief

The holiday season reminds us to slow down the pace, let go of our daily stresses, and reflect on the bounty we have in our children, our families and our friends.

I especially love Thanksgiving. The very foundation of the holiday is a concept rooted in gratitude and giving back.  It’s also a universal holiday, open to all to celebrate what’s good and right in our country and to congregate to give thanks. Toss in some green bean casserole and a glass of Chardonnay, and now we’re really talking! But Thanksgiving is most special to me because my loved ones gather from near and far, casting aside our daily hectic lives to just “Be.”

Many years ago Paul McCartney was asked the story behind his song, “Let It Be.”  He shared that his late mother Mary came to him in a dream whispering those wise words of comfort, of hope and of peace. A simple yet profound message.

The holiday season reminds us to slow down the pace a bit and just Be. Yes, I know, it’s not easy to let go of our daily stresses, and it’s true that there is a very long list of things to do.  But, when we think of the bounty we have in our children, our families and our friends, the rest can wait.

On behalf of all of us at Good Life Family, we thank you for being a part of our “family” and wish you a holiday filled with love, laughter and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Live. Learn. Laugh. (Let It Be!) Repeat.

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