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Real Love Stories

TRAILER Three dynamic couples agree to open their hearts to GLF to talk about what makes their REAL LIFE marriages work year after year. ACTION All three had some pretty wonderful things to say about their other half, and some common themes emerged

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Smooth Sailing

Good Morning Texas’s Paige McCoy Smith talks about finding balance in the sea of life… by Paige McCoy Smith | Contributor People often ask me how I balance it all: the kids, job, homework, marriage, carpool, deadlines, commute… I have to

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It Only Takes a Spark

Good Morning Texas’ Paige McCoy Smith shares heartfelt tips for re-igniting the flame in your marriage…. by Paige McCoy Smith | Contributor I’ve lost him. He’s gone. I’m talking of course about my 16-year-old son.  He’s still in the house –

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