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It Takes a Village

  Communities Work Together to Combat Domestic Violence by Alicia Wanek Years ago, I was in attendance at a community meeting when the speaker passed out a lipstick tube to everyone in the audience.  Thinking it was a free sample,

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It Happened to Her

  A glimpse into the life of a 23-year-old who witnessed domestic violence as a child, held onto the secret with all her might, and ultimately found healing in sharing her story.   “I am a victim of domestic violence.  Up

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Everyday Bullying

“It’s all fun and games until someone posts a video…” by Dr. Susan Sugerman and Sierra Sanchez, MSSW | Contributors The anxiety about where to sit at lunch on the first day of school is enough to turn the stomachs

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America’s Sex Trade Problem

Playground documentary helps Irma Rangel School educate students by Karyn Brodsky Sammie Casas and her classmates learned about child sexual exploitation and trafficking via the Nest Foundation Prevention Curriculum facilitated by New Friends New Life and taught by their teachers

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Torn Between Two Parents

  6 Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Kids Out of the Conflict Children caught in the middle between two conflicted parents is challenging to say the least. Parenting can already be quite daunting. Then throwing in high conflict between two

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When Divorce Happens

  Maintaining Balance within the Family by Kristin Cicciarelli Sometimes, divorce is unavoidable, no matter how much resistance from one or both spouses. Even worse, it can be mentally, emotionally, and financially devastating, not just for the couple, but for

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7 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe in the Dog Days of Summer

by Lisa A. Beach Warm, summer weather gives you more chances to hang outside with your pet, whether you’re playing fetch at the park, swimming in the pool, or going for a jog together. However, the heat and the humidity

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It’s a Race to Nowhere

The Pressures on Our Kids on the Road to Success by Alicia Wanek Recently, I had the opportunity to see a screening of the 2010 documentary, Race to Nowhere, at Plano’s Shepton High School, and it has dramatically altered the

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Can Women Have it All?

  by Alicia Wanek What is “all?” Of course, the definition changes for every woman, but most mothers can agree that knowing how to balance the demands of work and family can be challenging no matter what choices you make. 

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